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Disco Fashion

Who doesn’t remember the image of a young John Travolta strutting through the streets of New York in the classic movie, Saturday Night Fever?  Everything that Travolta represented in that movie – youth, optimism, and a simple desire to dance the night away was reflected in the disco movement of the 1970s and symbolized in disco fashion.

You don’t have to be a Disco Stu to see the appeal of disco fashion and while disco fashion was considered tacky for awhile there, it’s making a huge comeback.  A great response to people dressing down in such popular trends as emo fashion, disco fashion represents a love of stylish threads and a desire to have the spotlight on you.  Considering that disco is remembered to be the music of a hedonistic time, wearing clothes that come from the disco fashion period is a great way to draw attention to you and your fabulousness.  A blunt fashion statement, dressing up in disco clothes for a night on the town is a fun way to show off your stylishness and your carefree attitude.

Disco fashion can be described as being very form fitting.  Spandex tops and Lycra catsuits are a big part of disco fashion.  Besides being stylish, these disco tops were a great way to show off your body.  Additionally, disco fashion is well known for popularizing the hot pants look.  Hot pants can be described as being very tight fitting and often featuring bright flashy colors.  Of course, disco fashion is quiet diverse and other popular pants include satin flared silver trousers.

Considering the flashy lights and emphasis on personal style in discotheques of the 1970s, it would be a major understatement to describe disco fashion as being over the top.  Popular disco fashion often included wearing satin jackets that would shimmer in the lights of a disco.  Additionally, disco fashion emerged at the time of the fitness craze of the 1970s and a big part of disco fashion is showing off your chest with an open neck shirt.  Much like it is now, a major rule in disco fashion is to pop your collar.  Another popular component of disco fashion was wearing high platform shoes that will display even more attention to yourself.

Although disco fashion is often associated with being over excessive, it is quiet misunderstood.  Much like the punk fashion that would emerge seemingly out of opposition towards disco fashion, you can describe disco fashion as being a very working class fashion movement.  Rather than taking on the aggressive, anti-authoritarian tone of punk fashion, disco fashion can be described as a bold attempt to make the night yours and forgetting the drudgery of the working week.  It is not surprising to see how disco fashion was inspired by space and the future.

Disco fashion has been one of the most debatable fashion periods of the last couple of decades.  Extremely popular during its 70’s heyday, disco fashion had been vilified for years.  However, a new generation has spotted the fun and flashiness of disco fashion and this style is becoming more popular again with each passing day!