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Teen Fashion

Do you remember the time when you were a teenager and how important style was for you?  After all, being a teenager means that your friends are vital in your life and though some people may try to deny it, their opinions do matter.  It is a time where you are beginning to express your own personality and one of the most effective forms of self-expression is through your clothes.  Teen Fashion is a huge part of the fashion industry and there are so many choices when it comes to teen fashion.

Picking a specific style of teen fashion is nearly impossible.  After all, there are so many different styles of clothing out there that can be used to reflect different styles of personality.  To understand teen fashion, you have to understand teen subcultures.  For people who love indie music and punk music, you will find that emo fashion is one of the most popular fashion styles there is.  Hooded sweatshirts, tight jeans, and skateboard shoes are just some of the most popular teen fashion styles out there.

However, many people find that emo fashion is too mainstream.  After that Avril Lavigne sk8er boi song, many teenagers find that emo skateboarding look to be a bit passé.  Many teenagers find their rebellion through the punk scene or the goth scene.  There are many teen fashion clothes that fit into these styles.  From studded leather jackets to morose trench coats, you can find those perfect clothes that suit your personality.

Of course, one of the biggest influences on teen fashion is hip hop music.  Rap is incredibly popular these days and many rap artists have their own clothing lines that produce some of the most stylish teen fashion styles out there.  From Eve’s LAMB label to Jay-Z’s Rocawear, you can find fresh duds that will impress your friends.  Whether you are looking for that perfect throwback jersey or are trying to look cute and tough with some low-cut shirts, you can unlock your inner b-boy or b-girl with hip hop teen fashion.

One of the biggest staples of teen fashion is having clothes that are perfect for a more formal occasion.  Whether you are trying to impress that cute boy or girl with your stylish threads, you can never go wrong with a well-fitted buttoned up shirt with a stylish blazer.  For girls, mini-dresses are becoming incredibly popular and are becoming a staple of teen fashion.

Your teenage years are such a unique time and it is best if you or your child can look back at this time in fondness.  It is a time of self-discovery and many teenagers experiment with different styles before they find the perfect fashion representation of themselves.  From preppy styles to exotic and eccentric fashion accessories, you should indulge yourself during this influential time of your life.  By trying out the different styles of teen fashion, you will be able to find the perfect expression of your personality!