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Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Discipline

When people describe children, they use adjectives like – cute, sweet, innocent, happy, peaceful.  However, parents know that this couldn’t be further than the truth.  While children can be cute and sweet and innocent, they can also be malicious and mean.  We all have childhood memories of the child bully that would terrorize the other kids around them.  The last thing that we all want is for our child to turn into that bully.  However, scary kids scaring kids is just going to be a fact of life.  The key is setting up boundaries with your child to prevent this from happening.  With the proper amount of discipline, you will be able to ensure that your child is going to be cute, sweet, innocent, and peaceful … at least for most of the time.

One of the biggest problems that lead to scary kids scaring kids are parents not cutting off this behavior at an early age.  Selfishness can develop in children at a very early age and it is important to cut it off at an early age.  However, many parents find it difficult dealing with a child who is acting stubborn and selfish.  While this situation can definitely be hard to deal with, it is so important that you act correctly by disciplining your child.  After all, if your child acts like a monster when he’s younger, he’s more than likely going to turn into a monster.

In previous generations, the way to discipline scary kids scaring kids was through spanking.  However, this type of physical abuse is seriously looked down.  While you are able to enforce your will on a child by spanking them, you are only showing that physical violence is a way to get your way.  This can cause your child to bully others when they get older.

A more effective way of disciplining your child is by explaining what they are doing wrong and why it is wrong.  However, it can be hard for your child to be ready to listen to reason.  In many cases, children act up as a way to get attention.  One of the best ways to counter this is by not giving your child what they want.  By showing that acting in a negative way won’t get them what they want, they will cease to act in this way.  Conversely, it is so important to praise your child when they are acting good.  By positively reinforcing positive behavior, your child will realize that by acting nicely that they will get what they want.

A big key to disciplining your child is to maintain your cool.  Many children act up as a way to get attention and as a way to get a rise out of their parents.  By not getting angry when your child is acting up, you will show them that their bad behavior is not acceptable.  Although disciplining your child can be a lot of hard work, it’s worth it to avoid your child turning into a scary kid scaring kids!