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Single Parenting

Parenting is hard enough but more and more parents are finding that they are raising their child alone.  Single parenting rates are up throughout the country and many single parents are trying their hardest but feel sometimes that they are struggling.  Hey, parenting is hard enough even with two parents but single parenting is particularly hard.  However, you can be a great single parent if you follow some of these tips.

One of the biggest mistakes that single parents make is that they become consumed with parenting.  I know, this sounds like an extremely silly statement, and let’s face it, as a single parent you generally have all of the parenting responsibilities.  However, it is important to remember that although parenting should be one of the most important parts of your life that it doesn’t overwhelm your entire life.  It is so important for all parents and particularly single parents to get some me time once in awhile.  This can mean asking your parents or friends to help take care of the kids for a day.  While some single parents feel guilty taking the day off from parenting, it is important that you get some me time to rejuvenate yourself.

After all, it isn’t going to help your single parenting if you feel tired and frustrated all of the time.  By getting some me time once in awhile, you will feel refreshed and more relaxed when it comes to facing parenting issues.  Additionally, there is the old saying, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.  By getting occasional breaks from your parenting duties, you will find that you will relish your time with your child.

Another important part of being a single parent is to make sure that you create a caring community around your child.  There are many reasons why single parenting occurs.  In some cases it is because of divorce or death of a spouse.  In these cases, it is important you still create a cordial environment with the other side of your child’s family.  Although there may be some lingering unease between you and your ex or your ex’s family, it is important that this doesn’t seep into your child’s relationship with these people.  After all, children are smart and they can detect an uncomfortable situation.  This is an unfair situation to put your child in.  By building a supportive community around your child, you are providing more love and people to love your child and help in the parenting process.  It can be hard, but it really is best for your child.

Single parenting can be extremely difficult but it can also be rewarding.  An important parenting advice is to try to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  There are going to be times when your child is going to frustrate you.  However, by parenting angry or frustrated, you are not going to be acting like yourself and are going to cause some stress on your relationship with your child.  Remember that all that you can do as a single parent is to try your best.  If you do that, your chances are high that you are acting great as a parent!