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X Box

When Microsoft first developed the Xbox videogame system, many videogame lovers wondered why.  At the time, the x box was a decent videogame system but did little to distinguish itself from Sony’s innovative Playstation.  Additionally, x box games were not seen as being as good as Playstation videogames.

However, these perceptions have changed with the release of the new X Box 360.  Released a year before the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo wii, the x box 360 has improved a great deal from earlier x box models.  It is now loaded with a number of great amenities and can be used as a general entertainment unit.  X Box Game Cheats for x box 360 games are in hot demands, and x box games are seen as being some of the best videogames available.

As a system, the x box 360 boasts some of the best graphics.  While it may not quiet match the Playstation 3 in terms of graphic quality, the difference isn’t much.  Additionally, the x box is considered to be much better than the Nintendo wii in terms of graphics.  Additionally, the x box 360 features a sleek design and allow its users to choose between a number of designs to show off their videogame system.

One of the biggest developments in the videogame industry is to have a videogame system that has multiple functions.  This can be seen in the number of accessories a person can buy for their x box 360.  For a good price, you are able to purchase a HD-DVD drive for your x box.  Considering Microsoft’s dominance in the personal computer industry, you can expect that the x box 360 is able to take advantage of a number of options.  You can sign on the x box live service that allows you to download a number of movie trailers, music videos, and new videogames demos.

Additionally the x box 360 provides a number of services that can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft products.  Similar to I Tunes, Microsoft offers an internet marketplace that you are able to access through your x box.  In this marketplace, you are able to purchase videogames, television shows, and movies for a great price directly on to your x box 360.  That’s right – no more DVDs lying around your house when you use the x box 360 service.

One of the biggest reasons why the x box 360 is so popular is because it has so many videogames available.  Although the x box may lag behind a little bit behind the Playstation 3 in terms of sheer technological power, proponents of the x box 360 rave about its playability and easy to use function.  While the X box is more expensive than the Nintendo wii, it is much cheaper than the Playstation 3.  Loved by many videogames enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong getting an x box as your videogame system!