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Mobile Homes

Are you currently searching for a home but find that housing prices are just much too much?  Well as investors (and your mother) always say – Don’t put your eggs in one basket.  Now may be the time for you to search for a cheaper home.  Perhaps even a mobile home.

Mobile home for sale are increasingly being picked up as the mobile home is making a comeback.  But first things first, what exactly is a mobile home?  Much like a manufactured home, mobile homes are housing units that are assembled in a factory and then taken to their future home.  While they are often found in rural areas and mobile home parks, mobile homes have a great advantage over traditional homes – they tend to be less expensive per square foot.

While many people associate mobile homes with RVs and motor homes, they simply are not.  They actually resemble traditional homes and they come in many shapes and sizes.  While it is possible to buy extremely large mobile homes, the most common form of mobile homes are single-wides and double-wides.  With sizes ranging up to sixteen feet, the single wide mobile home is a great place for those homeowners who do not require a lot of space.  For those with a larger space requirement, the double wide mobile home may be the right home for you.  They tend to be twenty feet or more wide and are commonly manufactured by Manufactured Home Manufacturers.  Double wide mobile homes tend to be more popular than single wide mobile homes because of their spaciousness, which can be compared to traditional homes.

Although mobile homes are often tarnished by the reputation of earlier mobile homes, modern day mobile homes have excellent standards and are known to be extremely durable.  Due to its poor reputation, mobile home manufacturers have switched to building materials that are commonly used on traditional homes.  Additionally, improvements have been made to their appearance and many people looking for homes to sale are often surprised to find that a home that they are looking at is actually a mobile home.

One of the drawbacks of buying a mobile home was due to its association with mobile home parks.  However, much like the mobile home these parks have improved drastically in the last year.  Similar to a traditional housing subdivision, these mobile home parks are now stricter when it comes to the size and styles of mobile homes allowed.  These improved standards have led to the increase in popularity of mobile homes.  This is excellent news for those of you who are interested in real estate investment.  The market for new and used mobile homes are increasing which has led to a positive impact to the market value of a mobile home.