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Log Homes

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about a more simple life?  One where you are surrounded by nature and are able to dictate what you do with your time?  Do you often aspire to be surrounded by nature?  Well, if you said yes to any of these questions than you should consider one of the most surprising successes in the real estate industry: the log home.

Often referred to as a log house or a log cabin, the log home is making a surprising comeback in the real estate market.  They are available in many shapes and surprises and many real estate agents differentiate between a log home and a log cabin.  According to real estate speak, a log home is a contemporary house that come with all of the amenities of a modern home.  They are being constructed each day and are often more expensive than conventional houses.  On the other hand, the term log cabin is used to describe a more conventional log home.  They are more rustic and are often the type of buildings that you can see as hunting cabins in the woods.

The beauty of log homes are that they are available as a log house for sale or they can be constructed from land for sale.  If you do decide to purchase a log home, the first thing that you have to ask your realtor is what kind of long home it is.  That’s because log homes can be either handcrafter or milled.  If the log home is constructed from peeled logs, than you have a handcrafted log cabin.  While they have a unique appeal, they are less popular than milled log cabins.

A milled log cabin refers to a log home that is constructed by logs that have undergone a change through machines.  Also described as machine-profiled log cabins, the milled log home plan utilizes logs that have had its imperfections removed.  While there are some disagreements among Log Home builders about which is the best method, you should know that most log homes that are available are milled log cabins.  A major reason for this is because these types of log homes are cheaper.

When you are searching for log homes, it is highly recommended that you use a home inspector to confirm the soundness of its construction.  While log homes tend to be very stable, you can never be too sure of the log home kits that the builder used.  Double check log home floor plans and ask to see the Log Home Plans before purchasing a log home.  Remember that if you find a log home with a price that is too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.