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Dog Care

One of the most important forms of dog care is training your dog. Lots of people wouldn’t think of dog training right away if you asked them how they care for their dog. However, training your dog is in the best interests of both the dog and its owner. For one thing, if you don’t train your dog, they’ll likely drive you crazy and if you can’t deal with it you may end up abandoning your dog. Sadly, this happens far too often. Also, an important part of dog care is training your dog how to look after himself. For example, training your dog not to chew power cords or run into traffic could save your dog’s life. If you have an especially stubborn dog and you’re having trouble training it on your own, you should sign your dog up for obedience school. A good obedience school will not only teach your dog how to behave, but will also teach their owners the basics of responsible dog care.

Dog Health Care

Most dog health care is fairly straight forward, unless you have a pure bred dgo, which can get a lot more complicated. Purebred dogs tend to have more genetic disorders due to inbreeding. Also, purebred dogs are designed by people, not by nature, which often means they generally don’t function as well as other dogs. Sometimes the best dog health care is simply exercise and a good diet. You should take your dog for regular walks and give them plenty opportunity to run around. Your dog also needs a nutritious diet to stay healthy. However, many dogs will get sick in their old age despite a good diet and exercise. Some common dog health problems include arthritis, and problems with the eyes and hips. Some dogs also lose their hearing in old age. If your dog does become ill, dog health care can be quite expensive. Since dog anatomy isn’t all that different to human anatomy, many surgeries and medical treatments for dogs are the same as those for humans, and cost the same as those for humans. Today, dog health care is taken very seriously because dogs are no longer just working animals, but have become a part of many families and are dearly loved by their owners.

 Dog Dental Care

The best way to keep your dog’s teeth in good shape is to clean them regularly. You can buy special dog dental care products like doggy toothbrushes and toothpastes in the pet store. You can also order special dog dental care products on the net. Some dog toothbrushes are in the form of a glove that the dog owner wears and the scrubs their dog’s teeth with their fingers. Pet stores often sell dog toothpaste that tastes meaty instead of minty. It’s also okay for your dog to swallow this special dog toothpaste. Another dog dental care option is to get your dog one of those special bones that help to keep their teeth clean. When it comes to dog dental care, anything more than this is really just common sense. For example, if your dog likes to play tug of war with his favourite rope toy, don’t lift your dog off the ground by yanking the rope that he’s holding with his teeth. So many dogs have their teeth chipped or pulled out doing this. Also, don’t feed your dog chewy candies because they will certainly stick to their teeth and rot them and your dog won’t be able to get rid of it themselves.

Dog Day Care

If you’re busy during the day and aren’t able to give your dog all the exercise and mental stimulation it needs (perhaps you’ve become pregnant or broken a leg or you’re on vacation and can’t bring poochie with you), consider signing your dog up for a dog day care. At dog day care, your dog will be able to play with other dogs, go for walks, run around, play games, and listen to stories. Some luxury dog day cares also have gourmet meals and a spa for your dog. You cn drop off your dog at a dog day care every day ir they really enjoy it, or you can just leave them for the weekend if you’re going away someplace. Most dog day cares will keep your dog overnight if you ask them.

Dog Eye Care

One of the most common dog health problems are eye problems that dogs get in their old age. Many dogs develop cataracts which can lead to blindness. You can usually see when your dog has cataracts because the centres of their eyes begin to look white or cloudy. You have to be especially concerned with dog eye care if you own one of those small dogs with the flat faces. The problem that these dogs have is that their muzzles are very short and don’t prevent them from bumping their eyes on things. These dogs can puncture or scratch their eyes quite easily, which often results in blindness. If you don’t practice careful dog eye care with these delicate breeds, your dog could lose their sight. The other problems that these dogs have when it comes to dog eye care, is that they were bred to have very large eyes that bulge out of their heads because it makes the adult dogs look more puppy-like. If your small dog does happen to get a small scratch or eye irritation, your vet might recommend some eye drops to help them heal. And finally, an eye care tip that applies to a lot of dog breeds – clean the hair near the inside corners of your dog’s eyes if there’s a buildup of mucus there. If you take your dog to the groomers regularly, they’ll usually do it for you.