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There area various ways of controlling stress. Stress can be a very serious condition if not taken seriously and if effective measures of controlling it are not implemented on time. As much as stress can deteriorate into more critical and disabling conditions of depression, stress can be controlled. Stress control measures constitute means of keeping stress levels low. The measures reduce the levels the of stress such that you are able as a stress victim to get on with life and daily activities without being  held up in the grip of severe stress.  

For one to be able to deal with stress and be in a position to implement stress control measures one has to detect the existence or development of stress in them. There are various indicators of the developing condition of stress. Some of the common indicators or symptoms of stress enlist the following; protracted sadness, desire for isolation, loss of interests in what you have been previously interested in. loss in interest in companionship, loss of appetite, etc. These symptoms can be punctuated by a build up of negative thoughts which are not rational. Negative thoughts will be developing on a focus of the negative things that a the person is currently facing and in stress condition one tends to blow these out of proportion and consider oneself as under the siege of a situation one can escape. If left unattended too, stress can lead to suicide. 

When symptoms of stress have been detected one can then be in a position to implement stress control measures. There are ways of controlling long term stress as well as means of controlling of short term stress. These all stress on the empowering a victim of stress to develop skills of dealing with or handling stressful scenarios and keeping stress levels as low as possible so that the person can get along with normal life without disruptions. Controlling stress entails measures adopting a healthy lifestyle that will help the victim to concentrate better and be more energetic in all activity they get involved in. Controlling stress entails implementing healthy living measures such as maintaining a balanced diet, a balanced work schedule among other things which will ensure that you have enough energy as well as enthusiasm to go through tasks of the day. Going through the activities of the day effectively will be facilitated adequate energy levels and the keeping of stress levels low. This way the victim is able to build some defense mechanisms which will fortress stress victims from towering stress levels that result in serious disabling conditions. If healthy living measures are well implemented the person will have the ability to go through intensely stressful; situations over the long term.