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How to start overcoming fear of flying? Studies have shown that millions of people are scared stiff whenever they have to fly from point A to Point B. Well, who can blame? The rate of plane crashes these days is enough to give anyone the willies. But believe this, there are more car crashes than plane crashes (this is the part where you smile).
How to start overcoming fear of flying is pretty easy, but you must understand that it all begins with you.

Before you get on another plane without any feeling of fear whatsoever, you need to know how to start overcoming fear of flying, and you can do this by using the following tips:

1)    Preoccupy yourself - Try to engage yourself with an activity when you are on the plane. You can do this by coming on board with a “goody bag” filled with stuff that will take your mind off the fact that you are over 300,000ft in the air. Your goody bag can contain several stuff such as your favorite snacks, book or magazine, cross word puzzle, iPod filled with cool music.
2)    Read or listen to material which can help you know how to start overcoming fear of flying - There are several books out there that can help you overcome your fear of flying, because the fear of flying is a very common phobia. You will find such books very useful because they include instructions on how to relax and breath in order to overcome the fear of flying. If you do not really like to read much, you can buy a tape that contains instructions on how to overcome fear of flying.
3)    Medication – If all else fails, you can ask your doctor for a prescription drug that will help you relax while on the plane. Some doctors might prescribe a mild antidepressant or tranquilizer in order to help you relax. But frankly, you do not need to take any antidepressants in order to overcome your fear of flying.
4)    Look for sort of support – you can also go online so that you can know how to start overcoming fear of flying because the experiences and wisdom of others will be passed onto you when you visit these chat rooms or forums dedicated to fear of flying. When you listen to other people’s advice, it will go a long way to help you overcome your own fear of flying.
5)    See a therapist – According to statistics, psychotherapy has cured lots of people who suffered from different kinds of phobias and fear of phobia is among the most common phobia in the world. A therapist can help you treat this problem with your full cooperation off course.
6)    Believe you can overcome this problem – If most people can walk across the Atlantic in just one day; believe me, they will do it! But we need to fly to certain destinations because we do not have a choice. So believe that this fear is not beyond you, think of yourself as superman – you aint scared of nothing – Boo!