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Suffering from depression can be a real bummer, but many people who have loved ones that suffer from depression usually want to know how to overcome depression without resorting to drastic measures that will offend the person that they are trying help.  But before you even think of how to overcome depression, first and foremost understand all there is to know about the causes, and symptoms of depression.

Depression can be triggered by the following

    A rape or sexual attacks by either a familiar face or an unknown person
    Weigh gain
    Substance abuse
    Major financial troubles
    A death of a member of the family or close friend
    Something shameful happens
    Death of a spouse or marriage break up or jilted by an ex lover
    Failing in academics
    Constant physical, emotional, or mental pain that goes on over a long period of time.
    A painful physical event
    Physical disability
    Developing an incurable disease
    Bad eating habits
    When a very close friend moves out of town or the country
    Lack of physical exercises

You can learn how to overcome depression by spotting the symptoms depression which includes:

    Persistent physical symptoms or pains that just do not respond to treatment
    Persistent sad mood
    Suicidal thoughts and attempts
    Pessimistic and guilty attitude
    Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness
    Irritability
    Increased crying spells
    Easily fatigued
    Nervous behavior
    Trouble with eating and sleeping patterns

There are several techniques that can be used for knowing how to overcome depression and these methods are:

1)    Using Antidepressant Medication
Antidepressants medication is the most common technique in knowing how to treat different types of depression, namely:
-    Major depression
-    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
-    Atypical depression
-    Dysthymia (mild depression, recurring)

Antidepressants are effective for providing relief from physical symptoms of depression and it is also used to improve the mood of patients suffering from depression.

2)    Other Methods
You do not necessarily need anxiety medication in order to know how to overcome depression you can simply use any one of the following tips.

    Go out, have fun – Do not stay cooped up in your apartment all day. Go to the movies, go to the park and read a book, take a trip to the hair dressing salon or barber shop and fix yourself up. Call up a friend and have lunch together.
    Participate in activities that interest you – Ensure you participate actively in activities or hobbies that brings you joy.
    Do not stay alone – Staying alone is a recipe for disaster! Go out and socialise, you can do this by joining a dance club, scrabble team etc. or simply invite friends and family members over to your place.
    Exercise regularly – Exercises are mood boosters
    Go get yourself a cute pet – Having a pet in the house will sure keep you company.

Antidepressants are good for what they are but they aren’t all that, they cannot provide a long lasting solution to depression.