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Managing anxiety can be like taking a walk in the park if you want it to be. Anyone who has ever suffered from an anxiety attack can honestly tell you that anxiety is a really big mental stress factor and learning to cope with an anxiety disorder without turning to medication is very possible. But you must know that this change is a gradually process.

If you are seriously thinking of managing anxiety without using anti-anxiety drugs, here are some tips to help you manage anxiety effectively:

1)    Move Move Move!
When you are feeling anxious, move it! Get your body moving because is one of the best things you can do. Make sure that you take a quick walk around the nieghborhood or around the block; doing this will release chemicals such as endorphins which will make you feel good.

2)    Breath the Diaphragmatic Way
Learn and practice diaphragmatic breathing, this is a form of deep stomach breathing which is very good for increasing feelings of calmness and relaxation. This exercise can be practiced by taking deep breaths which are mainly based and also centered in your midsection. You can do this by focussing on having your stomach go out when you are taking a breath in. This exercise can be practiced about five to eight times in order to help calm and also center you. 

3)    Identify Your Anxiety Triggers
Managing anxiety also requires that you also learn how to identify what triggers your anxiety attack. You need to be able to identify your anxiety triggers and patterns too, because when you are able identify what leads up to your unproductive thoughts, you can come up with effective ways to address them.

4)    Seek Professional Help
You should seek professional help if you notice that your anxiety is overwhelming because there is certainly no point telling yourself that you are going to be okay when you are obviously not. If you realise that you have trouble sleeping, eating, feeling unhappy, irritated or sad – these are signs that you really need a professional’s help. You can get good advice from a competent mental health doctor, who can provide you with productive information, skills, support and coping techniques in managing anxiety effectively.

5)    Let go of Past Events
It is in the past! Let it go already! It is not uncommon to see people who suffer from anxiety have difficulty letting go of what happened decades ago. Most of these people carry around a huge guilt rock on their shoulders, they walk around with a feeling of guilt of what they did, didn’t do, should have done, would have done.......
If you are guilty of doing this, learn to live in the moment because what is in the past is in the past (emphasis on the word “PAST”). You should not spend the rest of your life in constant worry or guilt.

Managing anxiety would be easier if you are around people who know exactly how you feel, you can join a support group in your area for people suffering from an anxiety disorder.