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There are several ways you can learn how to overcome fear. Fear is not a healthy feeling because it robs you of certain joys that you should be experiencing – remember that you only get to live once and allowing fear to stand in the way of enjoying life to the fullest is rather very unbecoming for a grown-up.

It is quite understandable if you are afraid of poisonous snakes and insects because they are dangerous and could actually kill you if you are not specially trained to handle them. But there are some things that you just have to stop being a big baby about, for example being afraid of a harmless chicken or bunny is very ridiculous, for Pete’s sake these two animals are quite harmless and not mention delicious! (Talking to all meat lovers here).

How to overcome fear is just a couple of tips away:

1)    Analyze your fear – Can your fear for a particular thing or animal harm you in any way? If it cannot harm you in any way –well, there is nothing to be scared of. For example, if you are scared of snakes, you must know that not all snakes are harmful. A garter snake for instance is totally harmless, if you touch it or carry it, you are totally safe. But a rattle snake or cobra, now that‘s a different story because these snakes actually bite their own care givers! Being scared of these snakes is totally understandable.

2)    Observe others – you can learn how to overcome fear by simply observing what other people around you are doing because you do not want to end up looking like a total wimp in front of everyone because you are afraid of what little kids consider fun (riding on a roller coaster for example).  If you do not have any health risks, why not take a cue from others and ride the roller coaster, at least every other person who rode it came out  alive and some of them immediately went stand in line for a hot dog .

3)    Confront your fear! – This is perhaps the best method of how to overcome fear.  If you are very afraid of a harmless butterfly, go down to anywhere you know you can find a butterfly (park, gardens etc) catch one and hold it in your hand. If you have ever watched the popular sitcom “Friends”, you will notice that in one of the episodes Ross had a phobia for spiders and Rachel had a phobia for sitting on a park swing. Both of these characters faced their fears, Ross caught a spider and held it in his hands and Rachel sat on a park swing – this way, they both conquered their fear.

4)    Control your thoughts – When you change the way you think, how to overcome fear will no longer be an issue for you. Try as much as possible to discard negative thoughts or fear whenever you feel your mind is wandering towards a negative thought pattern. You can choose how you think, as soon as your mind conjures negative thoughts simply think of something very positive, period.