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Meditation is one of the common and most natural ways of dealing with the problem of depression. Natural methods of dealing with depressions much as medication are recommended because these come with no side effects are suited for dealing with the actual root of the problem other methods  such the use of drugs only deal with the symptom of depressions and do not get to deal with the actual causes of depressions. Meditation will help you to focus those mental processes that have led to the point of depression. The point here is that depression and anxiety are all mental conditions. These conditions are not like malaria o any typical kinds of diseases. Depression and anxiety and mental conditions and the effective means of dealing with these have to address the mind hence the merits of meditation. Mediation belongs to the group of mindful exercises such as yoga and these methods work by attempting to reverse the mental processes that have deteriorated to the condition of depression and anxiety.

Meditation works with various other methods of dealing with the problem of depression.  What happens is that when you have identified the symptoms of depression you are then in a better position to fight it. The starting point is to look at your situation logically or rationally and make an informed choice of how you will deal the problem in the short term and in the long term time frames. Natural methods that work with mediation entails looking at your worries or fears as a results of misguided perception than reality. If you start breaking down your scenario in a logical manner you will be able to get into a position to shed off the load of depression and start entering into normal life again. Associative means of fighting depression entail being grateful. This enlists being thankful for the things that you enjoy. You may start by considering that you are depressed because you are alive; you have some good things to cherish about your life. This will add to the logic of understanding your depression as a result of misguided perception rather than reality. You may actually get to appoint of noticing that there are more things to cherish and enjoy in and about your life than those that you have been worried and wining and winging about. One critical aspect which takes a focal point in fighting depressions is the understanding that depression is a mere psychological condition which is built up through thought pattern and process.