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As the society has been growing conscious about the condition of depression there has been a surge of means and measures provided as remedies to the problem of depression. As much some of these methods are effective it is unfortunate that some of the means offered are not as offered as the providers would want the victims of depression to believe. Many victims of depressions are stuck up with drugs in their protracted fights with the condition of depression. Now drugs are only meant to be the starting point not as the sole sure for the problem of depression. This is because the problem of depression can not be solved by drugs. The problem of depression is a deep seated mental problem which has to be dealt with through addressing the root causes.  The use of drugs only serves to reverse the symptoms of depression such that one can enter a recovery path where the real causes of depression can be really reversed.  

The first thing in the treatment of depression is to identify the common symptoms. Alternative depression and anxiety treatment seeks to shun the drugs path and focus on reversing the psychological developments which have led to the condition of depression. These are called natural ways of fighting depression. The god thing about these methods is that they offer long term and permanent solutions to the problems of depression and anxiety. The other critical advantage of these methods is that they have no side effects unlike the intake of drugs and other detrimental medication which may only address the problems in the short term.

When you have identified the symptoms of depression you are then in a better position to fight it. The starting point is to look at your situation logically or rationally. This entails looking at your worries or fears as a results of misguided perception than reality. If you start breaking down your scenario in a logical manner you will be able to get into a position to shed off the load of depression and start entering into normal life again. Associative means of fighting depression entail being grateful. This enlists being thankful for the things that you enjoy. You may start by considering that you are depressed because you are alive; you have some good things to cherish about your life. This will add to the logic of understanding your depression as a result of misguided perception rather than reality. You may actually get to appoint of noticing that there are more things to cherish and enjoy in and about your life than those that you have been worried and wining and winging about. One critical aspect which takes a focal point in fighting depressions is the understanding that depression is a mere psychological condition which is built up through thought pattern and process.