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Depression is one of the very common conditions these days. Depression is caused by various factors. There are times in life when individuals go through very lean or unpleasant patches. These e are normally the so called low called low ebbs. These are normal but there comes a time when the downsides of life get to disrupt your normal life. This usually indicates brewing   g condition of depression.  The development of the condition of depression is normaly associated with someone getting him or herself isolated from normal company or associates, mood swings, etc. Loss of appetite, loss of interest in things that some one has been quiet interested in. The other common indicator of a developing condition of depression is the sudden change where in tasks or activities which would have been easy to the person suddenly become difficult. One may experience all of these or some these and others not listed here but the bottom line is that someone will be going through some circumstances which make them feel they that can not survive nor bear.

Depression is a very serious condition. Thesis condition is closely associated with bipolar disorder in various scenarios and circumstances. Depression is not a disease like malaria or anything like that but it is a mental condition caused y external circumstances. Largely though the condition of depression is caused y the way someone is reaction to his or her external environment. By external environment here we are referring to the circumstances. Depression remedies such as those based on the Cognitive Behavior Theory have success in helping the victims of depression to understand that the fears that they are going through are rather psychological that real. This is because the approaches are based on the objectives of reversing the negative through patterns in someone’s thought processes and replacing these with positive ones.

There are a number of ways which have been offered as means to fight depression. Nevertheless not all of them are as effective as expected. In this tract we present some effective means of dealing with depressions. For you to be ale to deal with the problem or condition of depression you have to know the symptoms associated with condition.  Some of the common symptoms of depression are listed below as; being in a low mood for most of the time nearly everyday, the loss of enthusiasm and enjoyment in things that pertain to life and the kind of things that you have en enthusiastic about in the past, Abnormal sadness which often comes with some kind of weepiness, feeling of guilt, emptiness and misery, low or no motivation at all- simple tasks suddenly become difficult, Low concentration levels as shown in difficulty with reading work, etc. You may also have sleeping problems. In this case it can be through sleeping to much or some kind of insomnia.