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Nowadays anxiety has become one of the common medical conditions. This can e attributed to various factors that have made modern life more taxing than the kind of life lived in the yester years. It is therefore of critical importance to take serious the condition of anxiety and find feasible and effective means of attacking with this condition on the go  before it gets too late. Anxiety is not a kind of a condition like cancer or malaria. It can not be located anywhere in the body. It is rather a psychological condition caused by some scenario that one may be go through at any point in life. This tract deals with ways of attacking with anxiety on the go. These are essential for everyone as the condition of anxiety may come upon anyone at any stage in life.

In attacking with anxiety one of the feasible things to do is to seek medical treatment and help. Many victims falter with medical treatments. This normally happens when the one gets to feel better or for some reason they feel they can not continue with the medication. It can trigger drastic consequences to quit medication just like that. When attacking with anxiety with anxiety on the go you have to make sure that you complete the treatment course given to you by the doctor. Effective ways of attacking with anxiety entail being accountable to those you stay with. This will guard you from making selfish and dangerous decisions about your anxiety condition. It is also feasible to face your situation and get to a point where you can actually write down your efforts of attacking with anxiety. This may take the way of tracking your negative thoughts and recording them. You then can discuss these with members of your family who will encourage you and protect you from making irrational decisions. This is one of the most effective ways of attacking with anxiety on the go. You then take pride in that you are not finding some way to hide behind yourself and you can actually face up to it and deal with it. It is also advisable to be always in the company of your good and supportive friends or members of the family of work members. The people will support you and encourage along the way as they may be aware of your scenario. Hiding within your condition will not help anything but will actually make things worse.

Normally the condition of anxiety results from self-labeling, for instance if the scenario your are in has set off some pessimistic and depressing through pattern in your  what happen normally is that you will be quick to label your self as depressed and hence you expect it to last for some days, weeks and even months. The truth here is that when those psychological processes are reversed has can get the condition of anxiety off your soul in any moment. You have to get rid of the label and enter your self in a process of undoing the pent up depressive thought system.