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Medicaid is a kind of Insurance Program in the USA that is primarily meant for the people with a lower than average income bracket. This program is a country initiative though there is independence in the operations. All the states are involved in the program. According to the state books, the state of Arizona was the last to join in the cause that was started back in the mid ‘60’s. Given the independence in the operations from state to state, the laws and regulations vary from state to state, though there is a reference board of federal regulations. Medicaid was established specifically for all those that earned too little to support their existence. But is poverty the only qualification? Not really, there are other Medicaid requirements that need to be met.

The basic group that automatically qualifies for Medicaid consists of the children, expectant mothers, struggling parents and individuals on their own. However, all these have to be legal citizens of the state. Children born in the country are considered citizens even if their parents have not qualified. These are the people covered generally with the individual state regulations not withstanding. That is to say, as much as Medicaid operations vary from state to state, these are the people that receive the Medicaid Insurance.

It is already clear that Medicaid is meant for the poor. But the Medicaid requirements do not cite poverty as an automatic qualification. Rather, it has to be coupled with the fitting into one of the categories mentioned and a low income earning. If you are diseased or have a disability, Medicaid is available for you. If you are infected with the Human Immunodeficiency virus you automatically qualify. But since HIV is only an infection, you have to be diseased with the Aids to become totally eligible.

The state has no way to ensure that all the poor have received the cover that is necessary. That is why all the folks that have met the Medicaid requirements are encouraged to apply to the Medicaid state program. You should receive a response within a month and a half or three months if you are applying as a disabled. But for eligibility, you have to include some documents that can prove that you are really American. If not then it does not really matter if you qualify for Medicaid requirements since you cannot prove it.
Medicaid is really great especially for all those that are not so well off financially. They can get affordable medical care and cover all costs of physicians together with all associated medication. It is one of those things that make you proud to be an American, albeit a poor one