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There are many questions to ask when considering whether or not to take panic attack medication.  These include; do I have any medical conditions that will be made worse by taking panic attack medication?  Will it interfere with other medications I am taking?  Will I become dependant on them?  Are my panic attacks frequent enough to warrant taking medications?  What will the side effects be?    These are a few questions that will help you determine if you are in a position to take panic attack medication.   When attempting to decide whether or not to begin such a regimen, consider the future.

                Many different panic attack medications come with many side effects.  These side effects range from dry mouth to loss of eye sight.  When investigating panic attack medication, thoroughly understand the side effects that will be involved with taking this medication.  Also, do not take panic attack medication if it will interfere  with other medications that are being taken, as this may lead to serious health complications.  If there is a medical condition present, make sure that taking these medications will not affect the present health condition.   Following these simple guidelines will ensure that a panic attack mediation will not do more harm than good.

                Another thing to understand is that many panic attack medications could lead to a chemical dependency on the drug.  Many people have become addicted to panic attack medication, possibly because their family may have a history of addiction, therefore making them prone to dependency.  Do not begin taking panic attack medications if there is the possibility of dependency, this will cause serious problems and will not help the panic attacks.  After constant consumption of panic attack medication, the brain will develop a tolerance and the panic attacks may return, even if medication is being taken.

                There are many things to consider when wondering whether or not to take panic attack medication.  One of these things is whether or not the panic attacks happen frequently enough to justify taking medication.  If not, there are many alternatives to taking  panic attack medication.  If a person has panic attacks once in a great while, it is not recommended to take medication, but to begin exploring the many alternatives out there to find the one that will work best for the situation.  People who suffer from light panic attacks need not take medication, however if it is being considered, consult a doctor first.

                People who suffer from frequent and severe panic attacks may benefit from taking panic attack medication, however it is wise to consult a doctor before begging any medication regimen.  Do not take these medications if they will only further complicate a situation.  The key to determining the ability to take these medications is having knowledge of panic attacks and knowing the severity of those being suffered.  If the panic attacks are infrequent, then taking medications may not be necessary.  If the panic attacks are frequent, always make sure to talk to a doctor before taking panic attack medication.