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Today, there are many commercials on television that advertise a variety of anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs.  These commercials generally show somebody who looks down on their luck, then they appear happy and full of zest after taking the advertised drug.  These drugs claim to treat depression and anxiety, leaving the user feeling like they are able to take on the challenges of life without being held down by the chains of sadness.  During these commercials, as the person being portrayed is laughing while walking to the park, they proceed to read a list of possible side effects from taking the drug.  These side effects include thoughts of suicide, sickness and even loss of eyesight.  The list of side effects is usually quite extensive.

                The truth is, nobody knows what causes depression, anxiety or panic attacks.  The first commercials that advertised anti-depressants admitted that they did not know what caused depression, they believed that it was caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  This drug that was advertised in this commercial was later recalled for it’s serious side effects which caused many people to commit suicide.  The FDA has not endorsed many of these anti-depressants or anxiety drugs because they have not had a long-term clinical test conducted to determine what the side effects could be.  These drugs are designed to fix a problem that nobody can pinpoint and they are not thoroughly tested before being released onto the market.

                There has been many recalls over the years for different anti-depressants and anxiety drugs. Many of these drugs have been on the market for less than three years.  Many of them are highly experimental and have not had sufficient clinical tests to determine their effects on people.  That is why there are commercials that offer free trial supplies of the drug for up to thirty days.  This is a way to get the drug on the market in order to start seeing the side effects it produces.  Since scientists have not discover what actually causes depression or anxiety, it does not make sense to produce drugs that claim to fix these conditions.  It is a case of drug companies trying to make money.

                Anxiety drugs and anti-depressants do not cure anxiety or depression.  They attempt to mask the symptoms while leaving the condition existing within the person.  The list of incredibly horrific side effects is enough to make somebody want to take their chances with the anxiety and depression, instead of being subject to an increase in suicidal thoughts, more anxiety and a deeper depression.  Before anybody takes any kind of anti-depressant or an anxiety drug, they should thoroughly research the product.  This means employing critical thinking skills to make sure that what they are taking it is not an experimental drug that can lead to serious negative consequences.  If taking anxiety drugs or anti-depressants is the only option, make sure to know everything that there is to know about the drug and the effects it has on the mind and body.