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The use of drugs in fighting the problems and condition of depression is a widely debated subject in the domains of medical help and various related disciplines. The fact is that research has revealed realities which are contrary to popular opinion that there are drugs are of optimal effectiveness in dealing with problem of depression and anxiety. One of the areas of concern is the aspect of the side effects of drugs. Now the debate on the effectiveness and the side effects of using drugs to fight depression is another subject what we focus on this piece is the issue of when it is feasible or rather ideal for one to start taking antidepressants. This is of critical importance since the use as well as the timing of the use of drugs has critical bearing on eth either negative or positive effects of the drug in your body and in your efforts to win over depression.

Instead of asking the question of when is it ideal for one to take antidepressants perhaps the appropriate question to ask is when is it best to question to seek medical help with problem of depression., This is because you can just decide on your own that your probably need to consider taking antidepressants or  not. The point being made here is that you need to seek medical help in order for you to establish whether or not you would need or want take antidepressants. After establishing that there is need for the use of antidepressants the next thing to do is to work hand in hand with your medical advisor or doctor so as to establish the appropriate time to start taking antidepressant. The use of depressants has critical implications for your health. As much there are succeeds stories of the use some antidepressant there are nonetheless also present negative accounts of drastic side effects of anti depressant. This means that the use and timing of the use of antidepressants is not something you can decide on your own without professional help hence the need to consult with your doctor. 

Studies on the use and timing of the use of antidepressant show that some success stories registered with the use of these entail the administering of antidepressant promptly. This implies that for you to expect some positive results from the use of anti depressant you have to consider seeking medical assistance as soon as you start noticing that you have developed or are actually developing a condition of anxiety and depression. You have toe familiar with the symptoms of depressions and anxiety and this means that at whatever point you suspect something is wrong then you have to seek medical help and be sure that you are on guard. What has to e mentioned here is that whether there is goo d timing or not for the use of antidepressant, the antidepressant are not meant to cure the problem of depression. This can be used as an initial measure only whilst more far reaching and long term solutions have to be solicited.