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Anxiety has grown to be one of the common medical problems and condition. The advancements in research various means of getting around various medical conditions has helped practitioners in the medical field come up with some means of alleviating the problem of anxiety. The lexapro drug is one of the results of efforts that have been directed at getting feasible and effective medication or anxiety and depression. Lexapro is one of the drugs that have been proved to e effective and clinically acceptable in as far as the treatment of the condition of anxiety and depression is concerned. Medical research has shown that lexapro actually helps in improving the e quality of life for the adults suffering from depression which is a disease that according to official statistics affects millions of American each and every year.

The diseases that lexapro as a drug deals with is caused by the imbalance of certain chemicals in the rain system. The chemicals are called neurotransmitters. The other associative condition to anxiety and depression is the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) which is in fact an overwhelming sense of apprehension as well as fear coming along with the aspects of physical symptoms such as tension, sweating or increased pulse rate. What is notable here also is that Anxiety symptoms are commonly associated with depression. Now the drug lexapro is a member of the group of prescription drugs which are collectively termed serotin. Serotin is a neurotransmitter that is believed to affect mood. SSRIs are effective with the reliving of the symptoms of depressions through an increase of the available supply of serotin in the rain.
Statistics have also shown that lexapro has been prescribed for over 18 million adults in USA alone. The drug is so effective such that with on mg tale taken a day the symptoms of depression and anxiety can e drastically alleviated. In studies conducted to establish the effectiveness of lexapro as well as the popularity of the drug results showed that the number of people who had to stop taking the lexapro drug due to the reason of the side effects of the drug was proportional to that of the patients who stopped taking the other related drug placebo for the treatment of depression.

Like many drugs in the anxiety and depression domains the lexapro drug can e easily categorized as either effective or not. The effectiveness of the drug differs from pone patient to the next. Now you have to consult with your doctor to be able to get the kind of prescription that will be accurate for your condition. Anxiety drugs are known to e successful in alleviating the problems of anxiety and depression in long term time frames than in short term time frames. The success of lexapro as a drug will depend on various factors and it is wise to be extra careful about anxiety drug usage from the word go.