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Panic attacks affect millions of people. They may be a problem for you, and if they are you know how frightening they are. You can be fine one moment, and all of a sudden have a feeling of fear and dread that is paired with intense anxiety. There are physical feelings that you also may have that include sweating, racing pulse, feeling sick and disorientated. A lot of people feel like they are going crazy when they have a panic attack. If you are suffering from panic attacks, and want to do something about preventing them, there are some things that your doctor can help you do.

Like the name implies, panic attacks can come on fast and be very powerful. They hold you victim to the feeling of dread and fear and raise your anxiety levels. They can be very frightening experiences, and some people even feel as though they may be having a heart attack or feel like they are going to pass out. How can you learn to deal with panic attacks? Even if you are not able to stop the onset of panic attacks, you can learn how to deal with them, and accept them. Know what they are; know that you will be ok, and practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques when you feel a panic attack begin to come on.

One of the best pieces of advice to carry with you is to know what it is, recognize the symptoms and be able to identify it when it happens. If you can talk yourself through it and convince yourself that it is nothing more than a panic attacks, and that you have dealt with them before, you have a much better chance of coming out of it faster and not have it be so severe. Breathing and relaxation techniques can help dramatically when you are having panic attacks. Stop, take deep breaths and focus on something else that is positive. Let yourself experience the panic attack, as trying to stop it won’t work. Instead, breathe through it and know that it will be ok.

If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you may be able to find a medication that works for you, and can help prevent the panic attacks from coming on. Symptoms of panic attacks can also be controlled by medication and therapy. If you are not sure that you want to be on medication to control your panic attacks, there are other natural remedies that you may be able to try. Some people find relief and success in preventing the attacks by doing daily meditation practices. Relaxing and centering the mind can create a more stable sense of being, and can help you recognize the symptoms of panic attacks when they are coming on.