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It is not abnormal for people to get depressed from time to time; it is a way of being responsive to alert of danger or peril. Such dismal moods experienced by individuals at different times is generated by  tensed situations such as death of a loved one, dissatisfaction, delay in expectations and relationship breakups. These events are bound to cause a normal depressive mood which is usually referred to as low mood.  As soon as low moods linger more than two weeks; that is a signal that real depression which is seen as a sickness, has set in. A severe case of depression can pose a threat to one’s health and mental state. The sign of depression is such that can be easily recognized and they are many.

A severe case of depression has a symptom of suicidal feeling. This severe case and sign of depression requires a quick action to be taken by the victim to keep safe and stay away from danger.  At that time; the individual having the feeling and nursing the thought of committing suicide should remember that a thought or feeling is not meant to be carried out especially when they are negative ones. This is the first action towards putting such thought under control. Such individuals should also remember that people have also undergone such situations that they are contemplating suicide and have eventually gain mastery over such situation; so they too can overcome the situation.

People who know of individuals with sign of depression of wanting to take their lives should endeavor to encourage or offer to take them to places where they can obtain professional help. Persuade them to know the importance of talking to someone and the amazing relief that comes from talking to someone about their situations and feelings.

Other signs of depressions include: a feeling of emptiness in the inside, helpless feeling, a state of melancholy, a total state of dissatisfaction, increased anxiety, a general pessimistic view of the situation, indecisiveness, a constant state of deep thoughts, memory failure and loss of concentration, retracting from friends, secret sobs, constant throbs on the head, loss of appetite, insomnia, physical ailment and emotional instability. This is the long list of depression symptoms and people experiences of depression differ. The dissimilarity in depressive mood experience could be as a result of individual differences and the kind of depression that they go through.

The numerous signs of depression are such that one can easily recognize and know as being evident that depression has set in. it is always good to tackle depression when the signs show up before it escalates to severe situations. Seeking help from physiologists or other professionals will also be a very good idea. Take a step today and salvage that depressive issue so that it won’t get worst to severe depression and eventually panic attacks.