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Worrying and feeling low is inevitable at one time or the other in every individual’s life. A feeling of dismay is attributed to some factors such as relationship wrecks, failure, delay in what one is expecting, not able to meet some targets especially at work place, loneliness and other several factors. These events are common and are likely to keep one in a depressed mood. But when low or depressed mood lasts over two weeks; that is a sign that severe depression which is a diseases in itself, has set in. This type of depression is usually a high state of sadness and it even intercepts the victim’s activities.

 Severe depression can be attributed to certain factors; although there are some other occasions when there could be no significant reason why an individual should go into a depressed mood. However, the known causes of low mood or depression are hereditary factor biochemical factors, schizophrenia and some other stressful situations. It could also be that some individuals get depressed because it is a trait in their character. Pressure can also cause an individual to go into a depressed mood.

Depression has been classified in different ways and each of the classes is identifiable with causes, symptoms and treatments peculiar to it. The commonest type of depression is the non melancholic depression; this class of depression is elicited by physiological factors and it is easier to get out of it, provided the stress that elicited it has been removed.

The other type of depression called melancholic depression is a severe depression; this is because the source of this kind of depression is biological. It is not common and it can occur either independently or dependently.

There are certain steps that one can take to get out of severe depression. However, one should bear in mind that getting out of a serious depression could take some time and might not be an automatic thing. The steps that one can take to break free from melancholic situation include:-

o Making conscious efforts to take one’s mind out of the object of depression or thinking of such issues as being light. For example if the cause of the depression is a crack of relationship; just tell yourself that such things do happen and that the spit could even be a clue that the two of you were probably not meant to be and there will always be someone to love and be loved better. It works like medicine!
o If you have a personality trait that is prone to depression or you have a history of depression in your family; then ensure that you don’t isolate yourself as this will trigger up depressive mood.
o Always have a lighter view of issues no matter how tensed they might seem, decide to e optimistic always.
o Have a close friend that you can always talk to on issues bothering your mind.
o Severe depression will require that one seek for professional help and counseling.
These tips are tested and proven tips for getting out of depression.