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It is natural to be anxious and get worried when we are exposed to pressure and tensed situations. If one do not experience anxiety at one point or the other, then certain biochemical elements in such individual’s system is either not functioning well or is under-functioning. The feeling of anxiety is a natural response to stimulus; sending a danger signal to an individual. A normal anxiety is an action booster and can serve as a motivating force to accomplishing tasks. However, when anxiety occurs frequently and becomes uncontrollable to the extent of interfering with our social, circular, spiritual and educational activities; then a case of severe anxiety has set in and should be remedied on time.

If you are constantly faced with the following conditions and symptoms; then you have severe anxiety or anxiety disorder: constant worry and irritation, unprotected feeling, sudden increase in heartbeat, withdrawing from social and circular activities, a feeling of looming peril and nursing of excessive fear. This cases so mentioned can eventually lead to anxiety attack and then health hazards will follow suit. The victims of these circumstances exhibit fear in situations that normal people will not fear or feel endangered.

As earlier mentioned, a severe anxiety leads to anxiety or panic attack. This attack comes without any prior warning or sign; though it is being triggered at that instance by a thought that generates intense fear and some other times there might be no obvious reason for such attacks. Though the duration of such attacks might be very short but it can be very terrific and could take an ample of time for a victim to recover from the shock and effects.

If you notice that you are beginning to seriously avoid certain places and functions; then there is need to seek for help before the situation degenerates to health or even mental hazards. How do you deal with severe anxiety when it strikes?

Dealing with a severe case of anxiety will start our with some self help activities such as

- Retiring from any tensed activity immediately you get the signal; then take your mind off such activity or situation and have a relaxing moment.
- Taking a closer look and analysis of your daily activities to see if you are over burdened with activities and responsibilities and see how you can reasonably reduce such workload.
- How sufficient is your emotional support? Seek to increase it if it is less that necessary.
- How well do you take care of yourself physically and medically?
- There is a need to always seek for assistance when you have something too much for you alone to handle.
- You need regular exercises too.
- Get someone who you can confide in when issues are bugging your mind, don’t keep it to yourself it is killing when you bottle up things.
- Try and get your life back to track and balance.
- Professional help is also important especially when the self help activities seem not to be enough to handle your level of anxiety.

These are simple but very effective ways you can handle and deal with severe anxiety; applying these simple tips will ensure that things do not go out of hand.