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The sound of panic room will send a shivering signal on one’s entire body. But it is not all about panicky things. These rooms are quite less harmful than they sound; besides they are fun places. Okay, may be it will be better to refer it as a safe room so that you will understand that these rooms are not all about terror and danger. If you can just get your mind off the Jodie Foster movie each time you hear the sound, it will help you think good about the panic room or at least you will have a neutral picture on what a panic room should look like.

Panic room dates back to the medieval feudal lords days where safe rooms where used for shield from a siege. But then Hollywood has a different presentation of the panic room. The present day safe rooms are known to be highly mechanized, professionals are of the opinion that given the fundamental communication equipments, occupants of a safe room will hole up in the room for just an hour or two peradventure a home invasion occurs. The basic steps towards having an understanding of what a panic room is; will start by understanding why people are in demand of these rooms.

The highly advanced safe rooms are affordable by the affluent class alone because of the high prices that accompanies them. The popularity of panic room has grown in recent time because of the alarming rate of terrorism and natural mishaps that is prevalent in USA. These rooms are built with the most reliable weather resistant materials; they are equipped with potassium iodine tablets and gas masks. This will ensure a strong resistance to nuclear and biological attacks. Most of the constructors of these rooms have asserted that these rooms can contain large immediate and even extended families for duration of time extending up to one whole month.

Detailed information on panic room is rare to come by because constructors are unwilling to avail much information. Notwithstanding, basic information such as the provision of basic features like wet bar and battery of artillery are usually available in the safe room. Also a standard safe room has warning gadgets that relates with particular individuals outside the safe room about the safety status of the occupants of a safe room; especially a threatened building. Once inside the safe rooms, the occupants raise alarm as a signal to a security agent or even call the corps. This will also serve to scare intruders that the present situation as it pertains to the people in the safe room is known to appropriate security personnel who are already at alert.

You can now see that panic rooms are meant to protect rather than terrorize. The increasing natural perils, issues of kidnap and then fierce terrorism have necessitated the construction of safe rooms to keep people out of danger as long as the envisaged period of the danger will last.