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Most parents worry themselves stiff when they notice that their kid(s) is suffering from a panic attack and wonder if panic attacks in children are normal. It is not abnormal for children to suffer from panic attacks; in fact panic attacks in children are the most underreported incidence in the country.

What is panic attack anyway? According to the AACAP panic attack can be defined as “the recurring periods of discomfort and or intense fear, besides an amplified heartbeat and a longer interval of breath. This period of time is known as panic attacks and can last for about several minutes to a couple of hours.”

Not all children experience the same panic attack symptoms because we are all biologically different from one another. The most common Symptoms of panic attacks in children include:
„X Pounding and rapid heart beat
„X Intense fear
„X Trembling or shaking visibly
„X Chest pain or discomfort
„X Shortness of breath
„X Feeling of lump in the throat or choking sensation
„X Nausea, unsettled stomach or bloating
„X Skin looking pale
„X Derealisation
„X Feeling of going crazy
„X Feeling the urgency to use the bathroom
„X Dizziness or light headedness
„X Chills or hot flushes
„X Blushing or skin blotches

Children who undergo regular attacks are adversely affected in their school work/studies, friendships and developmental processes. Panic attacks in children can be pretty difficult to diagnose but there are many types of treatment that have proven quite effective. 

Panic attacks in children can be prevented by observing the reasons and influences under which panic regularly affects your child, because panic attacks can be treated by knowing the root cause. Safe ways to treat panic attacks in children are:

a) Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in children – a child experiences panic when he or she is separated from loved ones, i.e. leaving home to attend boarding school, boot camp etc. You need to train your child to cope with emotional stress and make him or her understand the reality of life. This is a simple method but it is effective in treating panic attacks in children.
b) Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in children – This is when a child feels too much anxiety about forthcoming events, conversations, meeting family or friends (or any kind of event for that matter), are often influenced by this disorder. The most effective way to treat this panic attack is therapy and relaxation techniques. 
c) The fear of resuming school after a long academic holiday – This is perhaps the most common panic attack that most children suffer. Children usually panic the moment school resumes but Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) are very helpful in effectively treating such panic attacks:
„X You should put in place a reward system for attending school

Children who suffer from panic attacks usually develop this condition because of something happening within their lives.  Sometimes it may be school and sometimes it may be sad life experiences such as losing ones family member or parents going through separation or divorce. There are several self-help articles/guides that can help you deal with this problem effectively and you can find such materials online.