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What is anxiety anyway? Natural Anxiety is usually caused by a feeling of danger, the body’s alarm system goes off and warns us of possible intruders, dangerous situations etc.  Anxiety is a chronic fear that hinders our ability to carry out normal functions. Anxiety is also usually accompanied by panic attacks.

Natural anxiety is known to cause toxic levels of adrenalin in the blood and acids in the stomach. Ulcers are also common, so are hypertension, stroke, asthma and heart attack. Alcohol, substance abuse and other forms of addictions are erroneously thought to dull the emotions, but sadly these dirty habits only make them worse by decreasing rational judgement and therefore exposing the sufferer to even grater danger.

Causes of Natural anxiety include:

„X Menopause in women caused by hormone imbalances
„X Low blood sugar which is often affects people with diabetes mellitus
„X Puberty (who ever said growing into adulthood was easy?)
„X Poor diet – people who participate in crash diet programs and meal skipping practices often trigger anxiety attacks with their “diets”
„X Excessive coffee intake – caffeine is known to trigger anxiety attacks
„X Lack of exercises
„X Excessive alcohol intake.

Symptoms of natural anxiety include:
„X Sweating
„X Difficulty breathing
„X Lack of emotion
„X Pounding heat beat
„X Feeling of depression
„X Headaches or feeling like there is a tight hand around your head
„X Loss of interest in favourite events
„X Insomnia
„X Constant worrying
„X Irritability
„X Feelings of hopelessness
„X Feeling stressed
„X Disturbing negative thoughts
„X Consistently anxious
„X Paranoia about people’s opinion of you
„X Blurred vision

The symptoms of natural anxiety may feel unique to the individual who has had an anxiety attack in the past.  Some people feel a couple of the symptoms while some people feel all the above symptoms.
The mistake most people make is that they become quite impatient in dealing with anxiety because they want an instant cure for this problem without having the patience and discipline, what you really need is to change your whole lifestyle and seek counselling if you feel that you are not making headway with the lifestyle changes.

There are also numerous herbal remedies that claim to treat anxiety and the many herbal remedies for treating anxiety includes;

„X Skullcap
„X Oatstraw
„X Passion flower
„X Kava Kava
„X Lemon balm
„X Linden
„X St John’s worts
„X Valerian
„X Chamomile
„X Bach flower
„X Reiki

Other alternative methods are;
„X Aromatherapy
„X Tai chi or Qi gong
„X Meditation
„X Acupuncture
„X Gemstone therapy

Anxiety disorders are very real and have serious health consequences. A person who suffers from anxiety usually lives in fear of absolutely nothing! It is sad to see that people just lose out on the great things about life. A person who has social anxiety avoids people, how do we plan to make the world a better place to live when some people simply avoid other people. It is up to the sufferer to say NO to anxiety and take charge of his or her life by not allowing fear to rule over him or her.