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Menopause anxiety is one of the most common menopausal symptoms. It is no secret that anxiety is something that every individual experiences during different stages in their life. Feeling anxious, nervous or worried at times is normal but it is certainly not normal to constantly feel this way.  

For women who are in their 40’s and 50’s and who are going through menopause, one of the most common causes of Menopause anxiety is caused by the constant state of fluctuation of the hormones as the body prepares to shut down its ability to make babies. At this time most women suffer from depression and high stress levels because it is believed that the feelings of depression is caused by insufficient estrogen and anxiety is considered one of the key sign of depression.

Furthermore, research has shown that the hormone known as “progesterone,” (which also reduces during menopause) has been known to provide a calming and relaxing effect on the body. Scientist have found that estrogen has a tremendous effect on the brain’s moods and emotion regulation. Menopause anxiety can make women feel very edgy, making them feel as if danger is always lurking around the corner and getting through a whole day becomes very tiresome.  This anxiety can put an enormous strain on relationships (professional or personal) and it also makes the woman feel bad about herself as well.

Anxiety can cause emotional and physical symptoms which includes the following:
„X Breathlessness
„X Nausea
„X Trembling or shaking (the shakes)
„X Dizziness
„X Fatigue
„X Racing heart beat
„X Muscle tension or muscle soreness
„X Tight feeling in the chest and or throat
„X Profuse perspiration or cold sweats and sweaty palms
„X Restlessness
„X Inability to concentrate
„X irritable

The severity of menopause anxiety in women varies from woman to woman and it is usually worse when in the perimenopause stage. The symptoms of anxiety tend to decline after menopause is complete. But women should understand that it is important to seek treatment if menopause anxiety is getting in the way of their lifestyle.


Here are tips to help you relieve the anxiety that you feel:
1) Take some time out to enjoy your self, everyone needs time to relax and re-energise themselves. If you do not take a break to enjoy yourself, believe me your stress will definitely catch up with you.
2) Maintain a healthy diet. Try as much as possible to avoid crash diets and do not skip meals before you go to bed because all these diet programs will only increase your anxiety levels and cause you to have restless nights. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and avoid caffeinated drinks and beverages. Take care of your body, because you only have one.
3) Draw up a schedule and keep to it - so that you can get your work done on time and have enough time to breathe.
4) Participate in yoga and meditation classes. These classes will really help you relax and calm your body, mind and soul.