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People everywhere experience some sort of depressive state of mind at some time or another in their life. Depending on the person, some states of depression can become uncontrollable and can ruin a person's life. Many have resorted to drugs and alcohol to try and relieve their feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Some people have even taken their own lives to get away from the pain of depression. What causes depression and why does it hurt so bad?

The causes of depression, whether it is mild or severe, vary from person to person. The people who suffer from depression can't always be easily picked out of a crowd. They may seem okay, but inside they are fighting a battle of their own emotions. Some people have outward symptoms of irritability and anxiety over the least little thing, while others may withdraw to a danger point. Many different things can cause depression and depending on the person, some things can cause it quicker than others. The loss of a loved one, the stress of modern day society, money matters, family problems, problems with a coworker or even a neighbor at home can all be introductory situations that can lead some into a serious state of depression.

Some people may have a physical illness that involves the brain's neurotransmitters, chemicals that keep different parts of the brain informed about one another. When there is the slightest imbalance of one or more of these chemicals, the result can be a form of biological depression. Most people with this kind of mental condition can be treated with medication and lead perfectly normally lives. However, until a medical profession is consulted, those suffering with this kind of depression will have a hard time trying to get to the bottom of their causes of depression.

The causes of depression for one person may not affect another. For example, some may be able to handle the death of a spouse and move on in their life while the next person may be debilitated and descend into  a nearly irreversible depression. How a person learns at an early age to deal with pressure will ultimately determine how they will be able to function under stress as an adult. If an easily depressed person see their parents giving way under a little stress, they will most likely be the same way as an adult.

A person's outlook in life contains many causes for depression. A lot of depression in older adults is summed up by the fact that they can't accept the way their life has turned out. Most people have an idea in their mind of how they would like to be at an older age. Whether people realize it or not, as they age and time passes them by and they don't fulfill all the goals they had planned out, some will literally plunge into a depressed state about the end of life approaching and they haven't gotten to all they wanted to do. Having a positive outlook on life can mean the difference in experiencing depression and living life to it's fullest.

No one can expect life to be easy. Life is full of unexpected disasters and pitfalls. When those who learn the causes of depression and how it affects them, they will learn that having a positive attitude can mean a lot in turning around their emotions, even during the worst times of their life.