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There are many methods that aid in developing good anxiety management skills.  Having skills is very important to being able to better cope with this condition.  A person may want to develop the skills because they are inflicted with this condition or know somebody who is.  The skills are relatively simple and do not require the use of medication.  Some of the skills have been around for thousands of years as an effective method for dealing with anxiety.  They are very helpful in allowing a person to better manage their anxiety.  The desire to develop these skills is a positive step in the right direction.

The first thing that a person must do is to be able to recognize an oncoming anxiety attack.  This means familiarizing themselves with the symptoms and being able to see them before they overcome the mind.  The symptoms are usually restlessness, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, the inability to concentrate and a feeling of fear and uncertainty.  Once a person is able to recognize the symptoms, they will then be able to employ anxiety management methods.  Being able to recognize an oncoming anxiety attack is the first step in it’s management.
One thing that a person to do is to try to focus their attention on something besides the anxiety.  A popular object of focus is the breath.  Many people did not realize how effective breathing exercises are.  They have been used by many different cultures for thousands of years.  It is a simple skill that is effective in alleviating anxiety.  This simply means counting each breath until ten breaths have been taken.  The processes then repeated until the person feels calm and collected.  Many people have found that this method works well for them and helps them better control their anxiety.
Another effective method is to engage in some sort of physical activity or hobby.  This includes going running, going for a hike or playing a sport such as basketball.  Engaging in hobby is very effective in anxiety management.  It does not allow the mind to focus on the anxiety, which in turn fuels the anxiety and allows it to grow until it completely takes over the mind.  Many people find that engaging in physical activity is very effective in relieving anxiety and stress.  A person can listen to their favorite music while walking through nature, or they can go to a movie which will help them remove attention from the anxiety.
Anxiety is fueled by giving it attention.  Giving attention to the anxiety will only make it worse.  A person must learn how to direct their mind’s focus in order to develop good anxiety management skills.  However, learning how to direct the mind is no easy task.  It takes concentration and practice in order to effectively do it. Once a person is able to redirect their focus, they will find it is easier to overcome the anxiety and to lead a much more fulfilling and positive life.