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There are many people who may be curious about anxiety and panic attacks.  This could be because they know somebody who is affected by them, or they may experience these attacks themselves.  Anxiety and panic attacks usually involve a shortness of breath, an increase in heart rate and a sense of terror or fear.  A person may feel as if they are in immediate physical danger even though there is no danger present.  This disorder remains a mystery because the cause of it is not known.  However, there is much information about the symptoms and about the theories on the origins of panic attacks.

A good place to get anxiety information is the Internet.  Information is provided on many official Web pages and is very helpful in developing a deeper understanding for this condition.  There are millions of people in United States who suffer from panic attacks and many of these people relay information about their experiences to others via the Internet.  It is very helpful tool that provides information as well as helps people connect with each other who are experiencing panic and anxiety attacks.  It allows people to support each other even though they may live on different sides of the planet.

Another good source for anxiety information is the local library.  There are many books written on panic and anxiety attacks as well as depression and other emotionally debilitating disorders.  These books may have more information than a web site and can be taken anywhere and read at one’s own leisure.  The library may have many books on this topic, ranging from treatment to theories about the cause of panic attacks.  There also books on the history of panic attacks and the experiments that scientists are doing in order to pinpoint the source of this disorder.
Finding information about this topic is not difficult, it is just like finding information about any other subject.  The only thing a person needs is basic research skills and the desire to learn about the topic.  If the desire to learn about the subject is there, the information can easily be found online or at the local library.  Talking with a psychologist or another medical professional would be an invaluable resource of information, for this allows the inquirer to ask questions and engage in a dialogue which allows for a better understanding of the subject.
Those who desire to get anxiety information can easily do so.  There are many sources that will provide a lot of information with just the click of a button or the turn of a page.  People may want more information because they may be inflicted with frequent panic attacks or may know somebody who is.  It is said that knowledge is power and the more education a person has about this subject, they will be more able to help themselves or to help somebody they know.  Somebody knows that they suffer from this disorder will do well to educate themselves as much as they can on this subject.