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          Many people may be suffering from anxiety depression disorder without even realizing it.  They may be having a hard time fitting into the community or engaging in social interaction with other people.  They may fill an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair and may not have any ambition to do anything at all.  They may be inclined to isolate themselves in their home and to avoid any contact with the outside world.  They may feel uncomfortable and restless in social situations and would rather be alone than among many people.  Their mind may dwell on the negative aspects of life, causing them to think that there is nothing positive in the world and that life has no meaning.

    Those who are suffering from these symptoms may have anxiety depression disorder.  They may have a desire to be happy and to lead a fulfilling life, but do not know how to go about this.  The first step is to recognize the occurrence of anxiety disorder symptoms.  These generally include restlessness, the inability to interact with other people and an overwhelming sense of despair and hopelessness.  There is a sense that life is not worth living and there may even be thoughts of suicide.  This is a dramatic and terrible way to go about life.  With the mind constantly clinging to the negative aspects of life, it is hard to focus on anything positive.

    Getting to know anxiety disorder symptoms is the first step in overcoming anxiety depression disorder.  Once it is established that one is suffering from this condition, this person can then make the right steps toward correcting this problem.  Someone who does not know that they are suffering from this disorder can never begin to seek treatment or to make necessary changes in their life.  It is necessary to recognize the symptoms and to seek help right away.  Suffering from anxiety depression disorder is not the end of the world.  There are ways to overcome it and to lead a much more happy and fulfilling life.

    Treating anxiety depression disorder usually involves taking medication.  However, there are other ways to go about it.  One of these ways is to train the mind to recognize the positive things in life.  This means accepting the fact that life is not as terrible as it seems.  There are many beautiful and amazing things to appreciate, things that many people take for granted everyday.  Find something that is positive to think about, do not dwell on negative thoughts.  It is said that we are what we think, if the only thoughts in the mind are negative, then the person will have a negative outlook on the world.  However, if someone chooses to pay attention to positive thoughts and feelings, the person will have a much more positive and uplifting outlook on life.

    Recognizing anxiety disorder symptoms is only the first step in getting treatment.  Once the symptoms are recognized, the person may then take the necessary steps to become more positive and optimistic.