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Millions of people in America are affected by anxiety depression disorder, many of these people may not be aware that they are inflicted with this condition.  They generally live a low quality life and have a hard time fitting in with society and the community in which they live.  They may feel apprehensive about social situations and generally will prefer to be by themselves instead of in the company of others.  These people may remain in their homes and forego any social activities or interactions in exchange for being alone.  These people may not understand why they feel the way they feel, many are desperate for a solution to their condition.

Anxiety depression symptoms range from extreme sadness and despair, the desire to be alone, a loss of meaning for life and the inability to focus their mind on something other than their sadness and anxiousness.  They may have the desire to overcome this condition, however they are not motivated to take the steps necessary to make this happen.  They feel that any such attempt would be futile and the ability to enjoy life will forever be out of their reach.  They may feel alone even if they are in a roomful of people.  They are unable to engage in conversation, fearing that they may be judged on what they say and will be looked down on by everybody they encounter.
There is an unreasonable amount of putting down the self for the inability to fit in with society.  They may hate their physical appearance or their character flaws, looking at them as something that will forever prevent them from living a normal and happy life.  Many people who do not experience anxiety depression symptoms may feel that this outlook on life is absurd and that these people should just “get over it.”  However, anybody who has ever experienced anxiety depression disorder knows that is something that they cannot simply turn off.  This is where the problem lies.  Since it is known that these people cannot overcome very easily their sense of depression and despair, the cause of this disorder must be rooted deep within the brain.

Scientists today are working to find the cause of this disorder in order to develop a cure.  It is theorized about what the source may be, but there is no widely accepted concrete answer.  People are forced to deal with anxiety depression symptoms with no hope for ever alleviating them.  The truth is, there are steps that can be taken in order to lead a happier life.  While this is by no means a cure for anxiety depression disorder, they have helped thousands of people lead a better quality life without being drowned in anxiety and depression.  This is a problem that many people would like to ignore, however those who suffer from anxiety and depression deserve to be helped in overcoming their disorder.  It is not something that society should turn a blind eye to, it is something that must be recognized and steps must be taken in order to help these people cope with their situation.