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Millions of people every day are affected by anxiety depression disorder.  They generally feel depressed, anxious and unsure of themselves.  The anxiety leads them to have a shortness of breath, and increased heart rate and a sense of fear, even though there is no immediate physical danger.  The depression aspect of this disorder causes people to feel unmotivated, sad and uncertain.  Although there may be no immediate reason for people to be experiencing this condition, they are indeed experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  It is not known what the cause of this is, however scientists are currently working to find the source and to develop a cure.

People who suffer from anxiety depression disorder may be involved in a situation that could be unfavorable.  These situations usually include the loss of a job, the death of somebody close, or mounting expectations to live a certain way.  The loss of a job would no doubt cause somebody to feel depressed and anxious, they could fear the loss of their home and could be anxious about ending up on the streets.  With the current economic situation, many more people are likely to experience anxiety depression disorder when it comes to job security.

The death of a loved one is a major cause for anxiety and depression.  The absence of this person can be traumatic and desensitizing, which in turn could lead to anxiety and depression.  Many people who experience anxiety depression disorder may have recently lost somebody close to them and do not know how to cope with reality.  It also instills a foreboding sense of mortality that could create fear and anxiety for an uncertain future.  Many people who lose somebody close to them quickly realize that they too are subject to death.  This causes many people to become depressed and anxious over the frailty of life.
People who are pressured into living a certain lifestyle may become overwhelmed and could develop anxiety depression disorder.  Many places that have an established social climate where people are expected to behave a certain way and to think a certain way may cause some to feel overwhelmed because they cannot be themselves.  They are expected to live up to the requirements of society, which may be something that is difficult for many people.  They may feel that they cannot meet these expectations and may develop a sense of inadequacy and detachment from the community and society.  These people fear that they will never be able to fit in an may become anxious about becoming an outcast.

These are environmental conditions that may cause anxiety depression disorder.  Many people believe that this condition is caused by the environment, while others believe that it is based in genes and is passed down from generation to generation.  Scientists are still trying to discover what the cause of this disorder is.  Until then, the only thing known about this disorder is the symptoms and how to alleviate the symptoms so people can go about living a normal life.