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There are millions of people who are probably wondering how they can develop better anxiety control.  Anxiety is when there is a shortness of breath, and increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and fear.  This also includes restlessness and a sense of physical danger, even if there is none.  Anxiety attacks affect millions of people in America, and generally last from five to twenty minutes.  There are many medications that can be taken that will ease the anxiety, but for those who have no desire to take drugs have other options to help control the anxiety.

The first thing to do is to recognize that there is an anxiety attack occurring.  Once the mind recognizing that it is experiencing anxiety, it is more able to go about anxiety control.  There are several methods to help ease the anxiety once it is recognized.  One of these methods is the use of breathing exercises.  This simply means to redirect the mind’s attention away from the anxiety and to the breath.  Count each breath in sets of ten.  The first breath would be one, the second breath would be two, the third breath would be three and on until the tenth breath is reached.  At that point, start over again and repeat the process until the anxiety begins to fade.  This practice has been around for thousands of years as a way to direct the focus of the mind onto the breath and away from the anxiety or whatever the trouble may be.

Another method to redirect the attention of the mind is to engage in a physical activity that requires total concentration.  This includes running, hiking or even doing push-ups.  This will wear down the body and the focus of the mind will be on the activity and away from the anxiety.  This is a very effective method that many people use to overcome their anxiety attack.  This type of anxiety control is similar to a breathing exercise in the fact that it’s intention is to redirect the focus of the mind away from the anxiety, which in turn causes the anxiety to dissipate.  These methods do not involve the use of drugs, they are natural exercises that have been helping many people overcome their condition so that their mind the return to normal function.

Anxiety is like fire.  If the fire is given fuel with which to sustain itself, such as oxygen and combustible material, the fire will grow and overcome anything in it’s way.  If the fire is not given fuel, it will die down and will eventually be extinguished.  The fuel for anxiety is attention.  If the anxiety is given attention, it will grow into something formidable that may not be easily extinguished.  By removing the attention before the anxiety becomes too great, it will not have the fuel to grow.  It will eventually diminish and ultimately extinguish.  Like a fire, it must be dealt with before it grows into something uncontrollable and destructive.  The above methods are  effective in developing anxiety control.