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The anxiety anger condition may result as a mental or physical condition that is initiated by various possible variables including the effect of drugs. When you want treatment for this condition or rather state of mind, the doctor looks at the anxiety anger causes in your particular situation. It is also advisable for individuals to know the anxiety anger causes to avoid or cure this state of mind. More often than not, we suffer from anxiety and anger because of negligence in certain important areas of our lives.

Anxiety anger causes include a metal condition known as the panic disorder. Panic disorder is also associated with shortness of breath, dizziness and sweating. They come about because of different causes such as, heart abnormalities, the intake of caffeine and certain drugs, for example amphetamines. It is always advisable to buy drugs that have been prescribed by the doctor for you and drink using the mentioned dosage. If such a condition arises because of those drugs, your doctor will be able to help you earlier and faster.  There is also a high chance of inheriting the disorder from a descendant or family member that was diagnosed with the disorder at one point in time.
Other mental conditions that are caused by anger anxiety include anxiety disorder, stress disorders and phobic disorders.

Phobic disorders are whereby you begin to fear certain things or places because of the state of your mind, hence accounting for anxiety anger causes.
Anxiety disorders are a mental condition that is inclusive of phobias, fears, and pathological anxiety among other variables. They also happen to be the most popular of all the mental health problems. Thus can be one of the main contributories to anxiety anger causes. When you are under high stress anxiety disorders tend to flare up.

Other anxiety anger causes apart from mental conditions are all stress. We often overlook stress in our lives yet it can cause many physical and mental health problems. When stress relievers come your way, do not hesitate to participate or take because they do help you a great deal. Stress may come from different angles in different forms. Sometimes the stress is self-imposed or is a direct influence from another individual or situation. Nevertheless, whichever form stress comes in or direction it comes from, an excess of it will give rise to such problems including anxiety disorder.

Stress can come from work, maybe initiated by work overload, dissatisfaction, job insecurity, discord between employees and so forth. Stress can come from school, when you are a child in the form of work overload or bullies in the higher grade among many other factors. Personal relationships, particularly the committed relationships such as marriages also come with long-term stress for both parties involved. This is why you will find at times in a strenuous marriage, the stress is a major factor in anxiety anger causes.

Other types of stress include emotional stress, such as the death of a loved one and financial stress. Side effects of medication, the use of an illegal drug and a lack of oxygen are other anxiety anger causes.