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Panic attacks have both long term and short term symptoms. It may happen that an individual suffers the grip of a panic attack as a once off occurrence but normally panic attacks are preceded by known long term symptoms.  Short term panic attacks symptoms rare the kind o f symptoms which are short-lived and indicate that a panic attacks o something closely related to it is about to obtain. Now long term effects are rather long lived and they are the kind of signals which indicate that one will suffer panic attacks in the distant future. The article will present a highlight of some of these long panic attack symptoms.

The common long term symptoms of the development of panic attacks condition is the tendency to avoid certain places because of the close association of the place or the scene with a previous panic attack scenario. The may consciously or unconsciously. If you find yourself consistently worried that you may have another instance of panic attack then you are likely to suffer the condition of panic attacks in the near or distant future. This symptom may also be associated with the tendency to behave differently due to the fear of another panic attack.

In cases of post traumatic stress disorder which is closely associated with anxiety panic attacks symptoms may show up years or month before the actual happen takes place. This kind of attack is relayed to the anxiety that appears after traumatic experiences. In order to deal with anxiety panic attacks appropriately you have to be familiar with the indicators or symptoms of this condition. Some short term and common symptoms of the condition are trembling as well as shaking, a racing heart, hot or cold spasms and various other sensations. There are also long term symptoms of panic attacks. If you are aware that you suffer from anxiety panic attacks make sure you stay from the kind of setups or environs where immediate escape is not available. These enlist places like in public transportations, stadia and other related public entertainments environs. You also can not drive when you know that you have the anxiety panic attack. In professional medical help circles dealing with the condition of anxiety panic attack the Cognitive Behavioral Theory offers common approaches employed in dealing with problem. Cognitive approaches will zero in on thought processes and attempt to implement a paradigmatic shift in the manner in which you regard these kinds of scenarios that trigger panic attacks in you. It is wise to seek professional help promptly since this is a treatable problem. Experts and medical professionals as well as counseling councilors will help you see what you have in you as perceived scenarios a in a realistic light and this will alleviate your condition.