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Heavy breathing symptoms are usually one of the major signs when experiencing a panic attack episode. A racing heart is the most common feeling that a person suffering from a panic attack goes through; this is a sign that sort of mimics the feeling of having a heart attack. When anxiety levels reach a certain point the heart will immediately start beating way out of control. This usually leads to a heavy breathing that is why this is the most frightening aspect of going through a panic attack (no wonder sufferers of this condition feel like dying).

Heavy breathing symptoms can lead to a number of factors such as;

a)    Chest pains – Heavy breathing usually ripple into worse physical problems such as pesky chest pains.
b)    Dizziness – People who are going through a panic attack often feel very dizzy. Although there are several reasons why people feel this way, but faster heart beats and longer the heavy breathing symptoms also lead to feelings of dizziness. Dizzy feelings can also come with hot flashes and or chills. Heavy breathing and other symptoms can definitely make you feel like you are totally losing your mind.
Panic attack in store queues
This happens when you are standing in line at a store waiting to pay for the item(s) that you have purchased. There is just one more customer in front of you and suddenly you feel an unpleasant sensation in your throat and your chest feels very tight, you suddenly start having heavy breathing symptoms (shortness of breath). Even in movies, someone usually has an anxiety attack waiting inline at a store.

Can an anxiety attack make you stop breathing?

If you ask anyone who suffers from panic attacks, he or she will tell you that panic attack is one of the most terrifying sensations, especially for first time sufferers. They will tell you that they find it quite difficult to breathe and they feel some sort of tightness in their chest and a wave of dizziness, choking and a feeling of being smothered by an elephant.

All panic attack sufferers always say the same thing about the way they feel or felt during a panic attack episode. They all complain about having difficulty breathing – heavy breathing symptoms are clearly the main issue with panic attacks. If you feel suddenly out of breath, it does not mean that you are you suffering from a panic attack.

You are probably suffering from a panic attack if you are always experiencing the following symptoms:

    Chills and or hot flashes
    Palpitations, racing heart beat,
    Shaking or trembling
    Heavy breathing, shortness of breath
    Sweating
    Nausea
    Feeling dizzy, light headed, unsteady or faint
    Abdominal stress
    Choking feeling
    Chest pain or discomfort
    Fear of dying
    Feelings of losing control or going crazy
    Feeling numb
    Feeling detached from oneself
    Feelings of unreality

Consult your doctor, so that he or she can advice you on treatment options to treat this problem, because it can be treated.