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Panic attacks usually come in the form of overpowering anxiety and fear accompanied by a racing heartbeats, woozy feeling and upset in the stomach. There is also high fear and feelings that death is near for panic attack victims. The present statistics shows that more than 4 million Americans are faced with panic disorders and anxiety related disorders. When panic attacks are not arrested on time through various treatment options, it can degenerate to panic disorder and other problems. Exercises for panic disorders are very minimal. Panic attacks and anxiety related attacks are better treated with medications and therapy.

Treatments and exercise for panic attacks are much easier when the causes of panic attacks are known. It is not yet quite clear why people experience panic attacks, but most cases of panic attacks have been traced to family histories, serious stressful events such as relationship breakups and lost of a dear one. Some medical conditions such as cardiac problem, use of cocaine, amphetamines and caffeine also cause panic attacks in certain individuals.

A notable non rigorous exercise for panic attacks is breathing exercise. Hyperventilation is responsible for the unpleasant feelings that take place in the course of panic attacks. Such feelings are tightness on the chest region and lightness of the head. Therefore a good breathing exercise such as deep breathing can bring relief when one is experiencing the symptoms of panic attacks. This exercise works so well to bring calmness in individuals once it is applied at the slightest symptoms of panic attacks. General control of breathing by those who are prone to panic attacks will go a long way to help individuals bring panic attack signs and feelings under control.

Treatments other than exercise for panic attacks include behavioral approach, self help tips, use of medication and other therapies. A cognitive behavioral approach to treating panic attacks is concentrated on the thought patterns and attitudes that elicit and protract panic attacks in individuals. This approach to dealing with panic and anxiety attacks is therapeutic in nature and is known to be one of the most effective ways of permanently dealing with panic and anxiety attacks.

Use of medication to control panic attacks or treat panic disorders are better done with due consultation with panic and anxiety experts. And usually, a combination of medication and therapy is always prescribed for effective treatment of panic attacks and disorders. Remember that individuals with some certain medical histories might react to the use of medications for treatment of panic attacks and disorders; this is where exercise for panic attacks and therapy are better used for panic attack treatment. This is why consultation with an expert is necessary so that an informed decision can be made. Some medications available for panic attacks treatment are antidepressants and benzodiazepines

Self-help tips that do not involve exercise for panic attacks include learning more about panic attacks and anxiety related ailments by reading publications on such subjects both online and offline. Avoiding smoking and the use of caffeine or other stimulants will help. Also take out time to relax frequently to help ease the burdens.