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Children are not matured to handle stressful situations such as studying for exams. In fact, a good number of them might not even identify stressful moments. But as parents, you can tell when your kids are being stressed if you observe them very closely. Exam stress is a major stressful event for kids. If you can teach your children how to go about their study prior to exam time, it will go a long way in helping them to be less stressed and also to cope with stress if it eventually shows up.

The ways you can help your kids manage exam stress include:-

Pre-exam scheduling: If you can teach your children to schedule their study pattern and time long before the announcement of examination; they will have no need of undergoing the stress associated with examination and they will have an edge over their contemporaries. Assist your kids to structure timetable that they will be monitored to follow. This time table should have the various subjects that the child is being taught in school and then duration of study for each subject should be written against the subject. A break time should also be incorporated in the time table. A strictly adhered study following the timetable will enable a kid cover so many subjects before the exam.

A pre-exam scheduling will also require the kids to make notes while studying. These summarized notes will be useful in revision before the exam time. Encourage them to ask questions where necessary. A well detailed note taken in the course of private study will assist the child to do a quick and stress-less study during exam; by so doing, the major exam stress is eliminated.

Then, let there be a self conducted exam for the child to see how he child will perform in the actual exam. These few pre-exam tips are secrets that will make your child go through exams with little or no stress. Inadequate preparation and fire brigade approach to exams is the main factor that elicits stress in children during exam. When children are well prepared at home they will go through exams with little or no stress and performance will be high and qualitative.

However, there are some exam stress that might be inevitable such as writing the exam itself and being anxious of what the performance will likely be, given the fact that there are other children who are intelligent as well and are close rivals. The anxiety of wanting to perform better and please the parents can constitute a stressful event for the kids.
In this case also, the parents have a role to play by assuring the kids that in as much as they have done an extensive study and revision; their performance will be excellent and will be appreciated. Also let the atmosphere at home be a relaxed and reassuring one to the kids especially during exam period.

Children can manage exam stress provided they are set on the right part towards achieving that.