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There is close relationship between mental health and anxiety issues. The relationship existing between these two is interwoven. This implies that anxiety, especially the chronic stage and panic attacks can degenerate to mental issues and eventually to mental disorders. In the same way, some mental cases lead to anxiety and depression in the victims. Therefore, mental disorder has impact on anxiety and vise versa. It is already a dreadful and pathetic situation for an individual who has mental issue how much more when such ill mental state is accompanied with depression.

Some mental illnesses that are likely to deteriorate to mental disorders include bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorder, schizophrenia and clinical depression. Having the symptoms associated with these mental cases is not a certainty that one already has a mental alimental. If for any reason you have a feeling that you might be in danger of a mental ailment, it is best to see a mental health expert for proper diagnosis and treatment aids. Most of these cases mentioned might just be at a chronic stage which can be remedied and therefore should not be self diagnosed as a mental sickness.

Bipolar disorder (BPD) also known as manic depression is a case of extreme moods; sometimes too low and at other times too high. The swing of mood in BDP is always dramatic, switching between high and low sad and miserable moods with a little period of normal mood mingling in between. This disorder is known to occur mostly in younger adults less than forty years of age and then sometimes it can be experienced at age forty.

Bipolar and other mental ailments outlined above are likely to cause anxiety and panic attacks in those experiencing them. The victims of these mental disorders are usually swept into deep anxiety and panic on what might be their plight in the nearest future; especially when they are not fast responding to treatment.

The treatment options that work for panic related ailments particularly the therapeutic treatments can be used to remedy mental disorder cases, if it has not gone into a chronic one. A psychotherapist is in the best position to diagnose and prescribe treatments for mental ailments and the anxiety they elicit. Also, there are centers for recovering mental health; such places use peer support schemes, training programs and other psychological means in promoting mental health in their patients. Most times centers for mental health recovery carry out rehabilitation exercise on mental ailment victims and they come out completely well.

Various means of getting help for mental disorder and anxiety related ailments can be found online. One can use Google or yahoo search tools to find a needed help or aid concerning the cases so mentioned. Also remember that prevention is better than cure. If one can keep away from lifestyles and thoughts that are prone to anxiety and panic issues, then there will be no need to run around for help. Make a change of lifestyle today where necessary and watch your mental health improve rapidly.