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Performance anxiety is a term for describing the state of being extremely worried and conscious about the quality of one’s performance. This state of anxiousness has a very weakening and retarding consequence on the victim’s performance instead of adding value to it. Anxiety has never been a connotation for positive outcomes neither has it served as a tool for effectiveness; though there are very rare occasions where a normal level of anxiety can serve as a propelling force to get a task done. But on a general note, especially when severe or chronic anxiety is involved, anxiety is destructive to the mind, body and soul; this is no exception to performance anxiety. Are you aware of anxiety performance test?
Those who are victims of anxiety performance are those who are already worrywarts. However, there are few occasions where performance anxiety could be as a result of sudden occurrence that generated anxiety and eventually extended to the performance of an individual. In this given circumstance it is a vicious circle thing, a sudden situation led to something else and eventually elicited anxiousness over the outcome of one’s performance. For instance, someone who had problem perfecting in learning of a new skill will certainly worry about what the performance is likely to be when he starts learning another skill owing to the fact that he had problems perfecting the previous skill. Anxiety performance test is necessary from time to time.

Sometimes, some individuals get so worried about their performance that it becomes necessary for them to take anxiety performance test to know what their anxiety level is reading. But then, it will do a lot of good for everybody to take this test at one point or the other since we all have something we worry about.

A typical anxiety performance test in terms of what is being tested could be structured thus:

-    A feeling of  hurt
-    A feeling of underperformance
-    Feeling like crying
-    A feeling of Low quality performance
-    Comparing performance with another’s
-    A wish that the performance was better than what it is
-    Distasteful feeling
-    Getting depressed over the outcome of performance
-    Racing heartbeats before and after performance
-    Low self esteem as a result of quality of performance
-    Wanting to be isolated
-    Feeling irritable
-    Pessimistic thoughts and views

Frequency of occurrence will be attached to each of the items above such as less likely, most likely and rarely. Then an individual will be required to truthfully tick the one that applies to him or her in each given situation. These tests are available online and can be printed out with an overall score attached. This test can be very useful to the psychologists or physiotherapist in determining whether you need a treatment or not. Anxiety performance test is necessary especially when you feel that things are blowing out of proportion.