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When the natural way of getting anxious to respond to an alert of danger has become excessive and obstructive of one’s day to day activities; then it calls for serious help and attention. It becomes more urgent if the persistent anxious state has translated into an anxiety disorder. A severe case of anxiety can cause anxiety attack and can also impair the emotional, physical, biological and mental health of an individual. When a chronic anxiety creeps in, a victim should not hesitate to seek for anxiety help.

Seeking and getting help for anxiety can be in different forms such as:

-    Taking anxiety test - This will be a good step towards obtaining anxiety help. Anxiety test is available online. Individuals will be required to tick the cases that apply to them given what is being tested on and the conditions attached to them. Some of the situations being tested include; a feeling of  hurt, Pessimistic disposition, A feeling of blue and sadness, insomnia, restlessness, dizziness, racing heartbeat, loss of interest in activities, weight loss and constant irritation.

The list is not exhausted; but these are basic signs and situations that an anxiety test will contain. Possibilities and frequency of occurrence of these situations and signs are represented by phrases such as sometimes, often times, most times and all times. A sincere test taken and printed out will serve as information source for the physiotherapist or doctor to know where you stand and what help will be rendered to you.

-    Embarking On Self Help Activities – The most effective way of getting anxiety help is to take up some self help activities or exercises. Such activities will start with analysis of negative personal behaviors and lifestyles. Then, a conscious and persistent effort has to be made to turn those negative attitudes to positive ones. Stop dwelling long on pessimistic and negative thoughts; quickly replace such thoughts with positive thoughts. Maintain a general optimistic view about life. It works like magic!

-    Consulting Your Doctor Or Physiotherapist – when you have tried the first two options and it doesn’t seem to work for you; it could be a sign of severe anxiety or anxiety disorder. It is important at this stage to consult a doctor or anxiety and panic expert for proper diagnosis and treatment prescription.

Some other anxiety help might be obtained through Psychotherapy. This form of treatment for anxiety is very effective in helping people overcome stressful events and other difficult situations that got them overwhelmed with anxiety. Also, there is supportive counseling that can help facilitate a change of lifestyle and thinking patterns that are likely to induce anxiety or anxiety disorder.  

Support groups designed for people who are undergoing anxiety and other panic attack related situations is also available.  In this instance, people with similar depressive situations are brought together for interactions and sharing of experiences. And then counseling will be offered to them; this is a good anxiety help technique.