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Anxiety is a natural phenomenon that signifies alertness to a looming danger. A sound of gun shot at very close range or sudden sad news will automatically elicit anxiousness; the heart will start to beat faster than normal. But the anxiety so described usually last for a short space of time. However, if the normal anxious state that signifies alertness to danger signal persists more than two weeks, then there is need to take precautions. On few occasions, anxiety has and can energize one to get a target met but this is the normal anxiety. Anxiety causes are many but the good news is that anxiety can be cured.

As said earlier, when anxiety gets out of control, producing a sense of excessive fear and panic at the slightest adverse situation or even no visible situation; then an interruption of activities and even health is inevitable. This level of anxiety is the subject of this discourse and an issue of concern in the society at large. Whereas you can pinpoint a situation or object that makes you afraid; anxiety is usually exhibited on a something not substantial or tangible. When anxiety sets in, it controls one’s entire feelings and behaviors. When you recognize and know anxiety causes, the cure becomes a whole lot easier.

Anxiety Causes Is Traceable To Some Factors.

Recognizing the causative factors of anxiety is the first step to anxiety cure. Almost every case of anxiety is traceable to stress or stressful events. Stress is experienced in almost every facet of life; whether it is work, school, learning of skills and any other activity you can think of. Also, there are stressful events that generate anxiety such as disappointments, broken relationship, separation caused by death of a loved one, failure, inability to meet targets, poor performances and a lot of other stressful events. Also, individuals with negative perspective of life and situations usually experience severe anxiety; they just don’t have a moment optimistic view of situations. They become extremely anxious of the unknown. All these are the major anxiety causes.

However, it must be pointed out that what caused a state of anxiousness in one person might not do the same in another person; for instance two women were relaxing in the living room and suddenly the news from the television about an epidemic in a neighboring state filtered into their ears. One of the women immediately became panicky and anxious while the other simply said, “I know that our government will mobilize the health experts to embark on some preventive measures so that it will not spread to our state” individuals react to situations differently; therefore anxiety causes will also differ among individuals.
For anxiety cure, different medications and therapies are available. Medications are known to bring temporal relief; besides some set of people might react adversely to anxiety medications. Some of the anti anxiety medications are the benzodiazepines and tranquilizers. But therapies are known to be the safer and more permanent way of curing anxiety disorders, since they deal with the underlying anxiety causes. Generally, medication on anxiety should be with due consultation of an anxiety and anxiety disorder experts.