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Feeling down and low is what every individual go through at certain times because of some strenuous events they found themselves. Several factors are responsible for depressive moods such as loosing a loved one, disappointments, delay in expectations and relationship cracks. Depression of this kind is sort of normal and does not last for a longer time. However, if low moods linger more than two weeks; that is a sign that real depression has set in. This type of depression is usually a high state of sadness and it even interrupts the victim’s activities. A depression quiz might be needful from time to time.

Some factors associated with depression are identified as follows; schizophrenia, and hereditary factor. It could also be that some individuals get depressed because it is a trait in their character. Tension can also cause an individual to go into a depressed mood. But then, there are some other occasions when there could be no significant reason why an individual is depressed. When you are constantly feeling blue and low, you can take a depression quiz to help you ascertain if you have really gone into a critical stage of depression. Your quiz result will alarm you of any looming danger; especially if you have sincerely done it.

A depression quiz is available online; however, you can research on depression and symptoms of depression attacks and disorders. Based on the outcome of your research, you can create a long list of questions and sincerely answer those questions. An analysis of your self created depression questions and the sincere answers supplied can reveal the stage of your depression. Alternatively, you can take your quiz result to the doctor for a proper diagnosis of your state of depression.

Everyone who persistently feel depressed even over an unknown issue should endeavor to take a depression quiz to know what help should be sought for, so as to remedy the situation before it becomes chronic.

A depression quiz is similar to the structure of depression and anxiety test. Questions or conditions based on the symptoms of depression attacks are listed with the degrees of occurrence attached to them. You now answer the questions accordingly. Analysis will be carried on the quiz by medical personnel in most cases; for accurate diagnosis and treatment option recommendation.

Take a look this depression test pattern; the depression quiz has a similar structure; but this time, the later is structured in form of questions.

o    A feeling of sadness and blue
o    The time of the day of best feeling
o    Feeling like crying
o    Whether or not there is ease in sleeping
o    Frequency of eating
o    Attraction to a particular sex or gender
o    Lost of weight
o    Racing heartbeat
o    Frequent constipation
o    Constant fatigue
o    Cloudless mind
o    Restlessness/insomnia
o    Pessimistic thoughts and views
o    Optimistic thoughts and views.
o    Getting irritated
o    Indecisiveness
o    Self esteem (high or low)
o    Comparing self with another
o    Feeling of excitement