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Do habits cause anxiety? It really important to know if certain habits of yours can cause anxiety attacks. Many people do not know what actually trigger their anxiety attacks; it could be certain habits that seem absolutely harmless.  If you are one of those people who suffer from panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety attacks, it is better to examine your lifestyle to see if you have certain habits that can trigger your anxiety attacks.

Now let’s look at how habits cause anxiety:

1)    Bad Sleeping Habits
A poor sleeping habit has been known to cause illnesses which include: psychiatric conditions, post traumatic stress, attention deficit disorder and anxiety disorder. According to experts, sleep problems have been associated with mental health conditions; the body needs a minimum of eight (8) hours of sleep. The lack of your beauty sleep will not only affect your looks but can trigger anxiety attacks – uh huh, lack of a good sleeping habits cause anxiety.

2)    Eating Habits
A bad eating habit is one of the many factors that trigger anxiety attacks, you know as they say “garbage in, garbage out.”

    Eating meals – Bad eating habits cause anxiety and it is no secret that processed foods are bad for you. When you eat smaller meals, it will help lower anxiety levels because food help keep your blood sugar normal. Do not avoid eating breakfast, especially if you have a big job ahead of you – doing so will definitely cause your nerves to fly off the handle.

Most people (especially women) avoid eating breakfast because they are watching their weight! Well, ensure you keep this thought at the back of your mind “looking skinny will not do much if you are constantly on meds, most men on earth will not find a nervous wreck attractive.”

Ensure you add lots of whole grains to your diet or foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, because these foods are known to increase the brain’s serotonin levels. Calming effects are experienced when serotonin levels are normal.
    Too much coffee intake – Agreed, some people are totally useless without their morning coffee! News flash! That excessive coffee drinking habit of yours should be kicked to the kerb, (did someone just say why!?) Coffee is known to contain caffeine, which is a very powerful stimulant that gives its user adrenalin rush – now imagine someone who has a history of an anxiety disorder (now you get the picture).