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An unexpected rush of overpowering anxiety and fear gives the perfect description of panic attack. You notice a pounding heart and a heart beat running 3 kilometers in a second! You just feel woozy and totally lifeless, not knowing what might happen in the next second. If panic attack is not given a proper attention of treatment, it can deteriorate into panic disorder and other health problems that are grieving. The worst effect of panic attacks is withdrawal of a victim from social and circular activities. A victim might even go to the length of quitting job or school as the case might be. But the good news is that panic attack can be treated. The forms of panic attacks could be traced from their causes.

Take a look at a real life case of panic attack. Laura was to present a speech at the send forth party of the graduating students in her school. She has made adequate preparation and was having final rehearsals; suddenly she looked at the time and discovered that it was just ten minutes to her speech delivery time. Immediately, an overwhelming fear surged through her and her heart started a 100 meters race. She completely went blank as she was unable to get enough breath. But then, in a couple of minutes the whole episode was over but she became more afraid that the situation might even happen while she’s on stage, so she decided to go home.

One of the forms of panic attacks is the fear that is associated with fear of crowds and rowdy places. However, it has been discovered of recent that agoraphobia is a product of complications in panic attacks. Agoraphobic situation increases fear of victims when they are exposed to crowd and other public places. They would dread any panic attack while in public places or places that might not offer help when they experience attack.

This form and other forms of panic attacks are better handled by avoiding activities and places that will elicit such fears. Thought this a temporal way of dealing with the situation. It is better to face those situations head long and overcome them. This is where the use of therapy and behavioral approach of treating anxiety and panic attacks come in.

Anxiety treatments, especially the therapeutic approach will also work well on panic attack situations and the various forms of panic attacks. Such therapeutic approach includes; Behavioral form of anxiety treatment which is concentrated on the behavior and thought pattern of the individual. Exposure therapy involves the exposure of victims to the objects of their fear so that they can learn to overcome them; this has to be carried out in safe vicinity. There’s also the complementary form of anxiety treatment which includes exercise of about one and half hours in a week and use of biofeedback which helps individuals to be familiar with the body‘s response to anxiety and how it can be controlled.

Treatment of anxiety and other forms of panic attacks will also work well when medication is combined with therapy.