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Anxiety sometimes could be a normal sign for alertness to a looming peril. Now, what will it feel like if you receive a phone call that your 8 year old boy was knocked down by a vehicle! The news will immediately send your heart-beat racing 2 times the normal speed, followed by panic. At other times, especially when you have a target to meet at a specified time, anxiety could act as energy booster to get such target met at the given time. The question now is “when does anxiety constitute a threat to one’s entire being?” It’s easier to know what causes anxiety when you know what constitutes anxiety.

When anxiety gets out of control, producing a sense of fright and panic without any significant reason; then a disruption of life is inevitable. This is the kind of anxiety that one should be on the watch for. Sometimes it seems to be in form of fear; but it cannot really be called fear because when you fear, you know what you are afraid of. But you usually do not know what you are anxious of. When anxiety sets in, it controls one’s entire feelings and behaviors. You will know when this kind of anxiety is about setting in because it has real symptoms; anxiety could be mild and it could be a severe. It’s time to take a critical look at what causes anxiety.

What Really Triggers Anxiety?

Once there is establishment on what causes anxiety, the handling or treatment of anxiety becomes a bit easier. The very first obvious cause of anxiety is stress. When stress becomes a daily experience in one’s life, anxiety attack is sure to take place. It has also been established that a pessimistic attitude can elicit panic and eventually aggravate to anxiety. A good number of people are pessimistic about issues and situations, such people are always of the opinion and thought that the worst could happen to them without warning. They even make such thoughts worst with negative self talks; eventually they become very anxious for something unknown.

Let us look at what causes anxiety from another angle. Some people are more prone to anxiety attack than others, given the same situation or circumstance. Anxiety attack sets in without any forewarning but something must have been going-on at the background before such attach takes place. A victim usually must have been exposed to a high level of stress at the moment of the attack; but the ongoing happening at the background is the main source of such attack. The very high stressful moment just acted as a trigger to the real attack. The level of anxiety in people differs; and sometimes they are determinant of how severe anxiety could be for an individual.

Therefore, if one can really do away with what causes anxiety, then anxiety itself will not set in; this supports the truism that prevention is better than cure.